Fans Criticized Crunchyroll For Streaming Heavily Censored ‘World Of Harem’

World’s End Harem was one of the most anticipated anime of Winter 2021, however, fans have shown nothing but disappointment. As most of the fans already know that Crunchyroll has the broadcast rights to the series, but the amount of censorship makes the series almost unwatchable. Even if there is a hint of any kind of nudity, black lines appear all over the screen. The uncensored version is being broadcasted on AT-X channel in Japan.

Specifically, fans who pay for the subscription of Crunchyroll are not happy about this censorship. World’s End Harem currently has a rating of 2.5/5 on Crunchyroll, and these types of comments can be seen on the platform:

Bad Censorship

I hate censorship and in this show it is horribly done. I can’t understand why Crunchyroll/funnimation wanted the right to stream it. If showing nudity is not something you want on the platform don’t get the right for a show who scream it in the title. Will wait for the full unaltered version (on another website).

Excessive censoring makes this unwatchable

I’m sure there is a clever anime in here somewhere, but the black marker scrawls that have been added very amateurishly every time there is even a hint of nudity make it virtually unwatchable. I am not sure who Crunchyroll got to add the censoring to this, but they should probably fire that person immediately as their work here is incredibly poor.

I Pay For Premium Subscription

Everything is censored. I pay for a Premium Subscription here, but even that is not enough to get the uncensored version. The manga is good, but if the platforms distribute it censored, all they do is affect their reputation

World’s End Harem will have a total of 11 episodes which started broadcasting on January 7. The series is available on Crunchyroll for North America. Link and Shono started the manga series in 2016 in Shonen Jump Plust Website. The authors started the sequel manga World’s End Harem: After World in May 2021.

Source: Crunchyroll

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