World’s End Harem First Episode Was Full of Censorship

Just a few hours before the first episode premiere, it was announced that World’s End Harem will be delayed.

This shocking news was shared by the official website of the series, who stated that they are delaying the series to examine the content of the anime. It was also announced that the first episode of the anime will still air in Japan as a special pre-air.

The first episode came out yesterday in Japan, and it is ridiculously full of censorship. On many Japanese forums, the episode became a topic of discussion, as no normal fan can enjoy the series with this much censorship.

You can watch some of the screenshots from the episode 1 down below:

New Release Date

The new release date for worldwide premiere is now January 2022. The series will be available on Crunchyroll platform.

The series tells the story of a post apocalyptic world where a male ki*ler virus has eradicated almost all the men population. MC Reito wakes up from five years of cryogenic sleep, and found himself in a world full of women. He is given one simple task, that is to repopulate the earth.

Source: Twitter

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