Filipino Artists Are Reportedly Losing Jobs Because of the Current Political Situation

Published on May 12th, 2022

A few days earlier, elections took place in the Phillipines, and it looks like Ferdinand Marcos Jr, who is the son of the former dictator, will be the next president of Phillipines as he has gotten a total of 58.74 percent of the votes with more 98 percent of the tally sheets computed.

Many Filipino artists spoke out on Twitter that they are losing international clients because of The “return of a dictator’s family to power in the Philippines” which has attracted international criticism. Clients from all over the world are refusing to commission the Filipino artists, cancelling the previous orders, and asking them to remove their name from the client list.

Ferdinand Marcos Jr is the son of the late dictator, Ferdinand Marcos, who came to power in 1965, and ruled over the Phillipines for almost 2 decades. In 1986, he was removed from power after a popular uprising. It is believed that many unlawful acts were done during his dictatorship. His son, Ferdinand Marcos Jr will now become the next president of the Phillipines.

“International clients are backing down on artists from the Philippines. Many are affected, this is quite heartbreaking to know that some of you prefer to stop helping and supporting artists in the midst of difficulties. Our future is uncertain, so many are preparing for the worst” wrote one of the artist @BiancaLattei, who later deleted the Tweet to avoid any negative attention.

Another Filipino artist @meropyonsan posted screenshots of the conversation between the local artists and international clients. One client refused to work the artist saying “I think your art is awesome, but my friends are telling me to stay away for now”.

Many local artists are requesting international clients to not cancel any commissions.

Of course, there are many artists who are totally reliant on commissions for living.

Of course, some people believe that these artists are spreading misinformation about the political situation, in order to get donations from international clients. On the other hand, In this difficult time for Filipino artists, many artists from all over the world are urging clients to keep working with them as they need their support now more than ever.

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Source: meropyonsan (Twitter) via VoceSabiaAnime

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