Frieza Returns To DBS With A New Form, Fans Are Hyped

Dragon Ball Super chapter 87 spoilers are already out, and according to leaks, the old enemy of Saiyans has made a shocking return to the manga, which not many fans expected. Here is a short summary of what is happening in Akiraya Toriyama’s DBS universe and why fans didn’t like the reintroduction of Frieza.

Goku and Vegeta are fighting their opponent, Gas, who is considered to be the strongest warrior in the universe. Gas wished to the Dragon Balls to make him the strongest warrior in the universe. Goku and Vegeta are fighting Gas as he is getting better off them both, and that is when Frieza shows up and instantly kills Gas.

Vegeta and Goku are shocked to see Frieza. Frieza reveals that when Dragon God accepted Gas’ wish to become the strongest in the universe, Frieza wasn’t in the universe as he was training in a hyperbolic chamber for ten years. That is why Gas isn’t stronger than him, and Frieza easily killed him.

After killing Gas, Freeza explains that he could not remain perpetually weaker than Goku and Vegeta, so he sought a new source of strength. Freeza reveals his transformation into Black Freeza in this manner. Immediately, he attacks both Goku and Vegeta. Both of them take a punch in their stomach. It should be pointed out that both Goku and Vegeta are in their ultimate form (Ultra Instinct, Ultra Ego). This implies that Black Frieza is stronger than Goku and Vegeta in their ultimate form.

Frieza than leaves instead of fighting the Saiyans, as he didn’t came here to kill them. Later, Goku asks Whis if the Oracle Fish referred to Freeza as the strongest warrior. Whis does not respond directly, but Goku and Vegeta interpret his silence as affirmative. Now, even Goku admits that he needs more practice. Vegeta and Goku begin training with Whis, and the chapter ends.

Frieza came out of nowhere and is now stronger than Vegeta, and Goku’s current power level did not sit well with many fans. The Dragon Ball Super chapter 87 has received mixed responses, as a part of the Dragon Ball community is happy to see the return of Emperor Frieza, and the other part of the community raised questions about recycling the old villains and huge power-up for Frieza that makes little to no sense.

Here are some of the comments from the Dragon Ball Super community on Twitter:

So many good villains to make canon and they keep recycling

Frieza Stronger Than Giren?

The dragon ball super manga is so repetitive I no longer understand these mcs and characters who get power ups just because or too extend the arc

Dragon Ball should have ended in the Cell saga. Even out of nostalgia, it doesn’t stand out anymore, everything that comes out is pure re-color, recycling, a cycle of repetition where the villain in turn is the strongest, defeating the protagonists with one blow until Goku takes out another dye and wins

Frieza is back… Again. And with new transformation, again. How unexpected and great

What do you think of this new “Black Frieza” transformation that surpasses Goku’s Ultra Instinct and Vegeta’s Ultra Ego form? Let us know your opinion in the comment section down below. Dragon Ball Super anime return is not yet in sight, but according to rumors, the hit series will return in 2023. Fans are hyped for the anime series to return as there are so many cool fights that we want to see animated as soon as possible.

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero movie is coming to US theaters on August 19, and introducing Frieza is a great tactic to hype up the fans for the movie. DBS also made a collaboration with Fortnite, which seems to be loved by the Fortnite gamers.

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