Frieza surpasses Goku and Vegeta In A Surprising Transformation

Frieza has been the fan-favourite villain of the Dragon Ball Franchise since he arrived in Dragon Ball Z. Recently he has obtained a new transformation, making things hard for the protagonists, Goku and Vegeta.

This Article Contains Spoilers for Anime-only Fans

Frieza surpasses Goku and Vegeta with his new form

The worst decision of the protagonist was his decision to revive Frieza during the Tournament of Power. Though this helped them win the tournament, this is now creating complications for them as in the latest chapter 87, Frieza showcased his latest form, Black Frieza, which left everyone stunned.

In the anime, we saw how Frieza achieved a new form, Golden Frieza, immediately when he got revived. He reached it through four months of intense training to take revenge on Goku. But Black Frieza is something else compared to this!

Frieza surpasses Goku and Vegeta with his new form

What is Black Frieza?

Black Frieza is an overpowered form that Frieza achieved in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, which he found on a mysterious planet he conquered. He spent ten years’ worth of time in this chamber, which had a lot of toil on his body. His appearance is a mixture of black and silver colour.

Frieza surpasses Goku and Vegeta with his new form

What happened in Chapter 87?

In the chapter, Vegeta and Goku fight Gas in their most potent forms (Vegeta in Ultra Ego Form and Goku in Ultra Instinct Form). Suddenly, Frieza appears out of nowhere in his Black Form and starts to destroy everything. Old Heeter tries to stop him, but he gets killed in mere seconds by Frieza. Frieza kills both Gas and Elec quite quickly.

After that, Frieza rushes to Goku and Vegeta, who are in their most potent forms. Frieza defeats both of them with a single punch and ends the battle on that planet. This scenario should be enough to show how dangerous the new Frieza is with his Black Form, as he has once again surpassed the Saiyan power level.

In order to defeat Black Frieza, Goku and Vegeta will have to train much harder and even then, there are no assurances if they will be victorious against their old enemy.

Frieza surpasses Goku and Vegeta with his new form

So, what will happen to everyone in the future of the series now, with Frieza on the loose? Currently, the anime is set to return in 2023.

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