Genshin Impact Anime Will Reportedly Surpass Demon Slayer’s Animation Quality

If you like the animation quality of Demon Slayer or the Fate series, you are in luck. The reports are coming in that the studio behind these amazing anime projects, Ufotable, is trying to surpass its limit with its upcoming Genshin Impact anime project.

genshin impact anime

Who doesn’t know about Genshin Impact? It’s a popular action-RPG game, created by the Chinese company, Hoyoverse and played by millions on a daily basis both on mobile and PC.

In “Genshin Impact,” you begin as the Traveler, a character searching for their lost sibling in a vast open world called Teyvat, divided into several distinct regions inspired by various real-world cultures. As you progress in the story, you get to unlock and explore these different regions. The gameplay in “Genshin Impact” revolves around adventure, exploration, battling, solving puzzles, and character collection.

Let’s get back to the recent update about Genshin Impact anime. According to a reliable leaker in the anime community @oecuf, who is known for publishing anime leaks and a credible record to back it up (Demon Slayer season 4 production), recently Tweeted on Genshin Impact anime.

In the Tweet, he mentioned that the Genshin Impact anime would have better animation than Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba. In a follow-up Tweet, he added that the staff working on it is very Strong.

Fans already know that Demon Slayer animation seems to be as good as it can be. The recent leak might suggest that Ufotable might be working on some new animation technique that might take the animation of Genshin Impact to a level that has never been seen before in the anime industry.

It is also important to remember that Genshin Impact is one of the most established brands in the game industry, and they are likely to allocate a huge budget for their anime. Lots of animators and directors might be working simultaneously to make this project as eye-catching as it can be.

What Genshan Impact Anime Will be About?

No official plot details for Genshin Impact anime have been released, either by Studio Ufotable or Hoyoverse. However, there have been rumors from various sources circulating on various social media platforms. While we can’t be entirely sure whether these leaks have any basis, we will discuss them nonetheless.

The leak comes from a Chinese discussion board, where a member of Hoyoverse’s marketing department leaked the plot of the anime.

Rumors suggest that the anticipated Genshin Impact anime will serve as a prequel to the game, narrating events that happened nearly half a millennium prior to the arrival of Aether and Lumine. The story is expected to hone in on the multifaceted nations within the world of Teyvat, specifically their states, before the onset of the Archon War.

Any Trailer for the Genshin Impact anime?

A concept trailer was released when a long-term partnership between Ufotable and Hoyoverse was announced on Sept 16, 2022. But as mentioned earlier, it’s only a concept trailer and doesn’t reflect how the anime series will look like.

When Can We Expect Genshin Impact Anime?

Both Ufotable and Hoyoverse have kept silent since the announcement of their collaboration. There have no key visuals, sneak peeks, or not even official social media accounts have been made for the Genshin Impact anime.

It is safe to say that Ufotable is taking its time animating this project. Moreover, they have also been working on Demon Slayer continuously so it is understandable that the production for Genshin Impact might not be as fast-paced as fans would like.

Keep in mind that the partnership between Hoyoverse and Ufotable is going to be long. That means Ufotable won’t be stopping with only one season of Genshin Impact anime.

That is all the information that has been made available on Genshin Impact anime. Are you looking forward to seeing Genshin Impact being animated? Let us know your opinion in the comment section down below.

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