Genshin Impact Flooded With Negative Reviews After Anniversary Events

Published on September 28th, 2021

For the first anniversary event, Genshin Impact promised a lot of new rewards, and new in game content. But it seems like fan base is not happy with these rewards.

Genshin Impact anniversary event started on Sept 28, and the fans didn’t like how little Mihoyo care about the fans. Many of the players took to Play Store to show their disappointment. Now, the game is getting flooded with 1 star reviews. Currently, the game is rated 3.9/5, and the ratings are dropping fast.

Here are some recent 1 star reviews from the Google Play Store:

“An awesome game with lots of stuff to do. I would love to give this a better review, but it’s pretty clear that Mihoyo is ignoring its fan base. With the release of half build characters that shouldn’t have been let out of testing, the mediocre fishing system, and cherry on top, an absolute ridiculous anniversary event, it’s obvious that they care only about money” (Written by Emily Price)

Another reviewer said:

“Playing this game for 317 days and after seeing the anniversary web event, I feel like I just wasted my time in this game. I love genshin. I love the game. It saved me when I was down. But the web anniversary award feels like only Mihoyo will enjoy it. And to get the reward, you need luck because its gacha. It doesn’t even make sense”

These are just the few of the recent reviews from Google Playstore. Genshin Impact ratings were already getting low before this event. Some players who are playing the game for a long time, just don’t enjoy it any more.

Another reviewer wrote:

“I have spent so much time and money on this game, and as a late AR player, there is almost nothing to do. I run out of daily content in 30 minutes. At least give me something to do, and I could start to build my neglected characters” (Written by Sandy Barras)

Genshin Impact is a role playing video game, developed by a Chinese company called “Mihoyo”. The game was initially released on Sept 28, 2020, and quickly became one of the highest earning games in the industry. Genshin Impact is pretty popular amongst anime Otakus in general.

Source: Google Play Store Reviews

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  1. Noooo people dont need to think like that we will get our rewards we already got our new free glider and thats reward 1/4 they also will give a concert

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