Giant floating head appears in Tokyo’s sky

Imagine visiting Japan as an anime fan and the first thing you see is a giant floating head coming towards you from behind the trees. Well, that was the case for some tourist, who quickly turned on their cellphone camera to capture a giant head floating on Tokyo skies.

Obviously it’s not a titan head from Shingeki no Kyojin. As it turns out, giant head was a hot air balloon made by a local Japanese company called “Me” to provoke awareness and “Manipulate the perception of physical world”.

Apparently, the local company gathered more than 1000 faces from around the world and also gathered faces from local Tokyo residents to come up with a final unique face for a giant air ballon.

Creepy or Cool?

Due to lack of prior announcement, this giant head in the sky caught many by surprise (especially the tourist). Keep in mind that the same company also did a similar kind of project previous year.

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