Gojo’s Sealing Gets Mentioned In The Newspaper

The recent episode of “Jujutsu Kaisen” was a tough watch for Gojo fans. While the animation quality was top-notch, earning praise for Mappa, the episode’s content took fans on an intense emotional journey.

gojo sealed

The episode begins with Gojo being strategically drawn into the Shibuya District. Initially, he faced off against Hanami and Jogo. While Hanami was swiftly dealt with, Jogo found himself fleeing from Gojo’s might.

However, the confrontations were merely a smokescreen for Kenjaku’s ultimate scheme. To incapacitate Gojo, Kenjaku employed the Prison Realm cursed object.

This formidable tool has the capability to confine any entity, regardless of their power level.

To activate the Prison Realm, Kenjaku vocalizes “Gate Open,” simultaneously appearing before Gojo. The catch? Kenjaku had to ensure Gojo remained within the Prison Realm’s territory for a full minute to seal him successfully.

The sudden appearance of Geto (now Kenjaku), a once close ally, caught Gojo off guard. This momentary distraction provided the crucial seconds needed for the Prison Realm’s sealing mechanism to activate.

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Gojo Is Sealed, Appears In The Newspaper

A trending video on X (previously known as Twitter) showcases an individual handing out newspapers. But these aren’t your everyday newsprints. They prominently feature the headline that Gojo Satoru has been sealed.

This distribution is centered around the Shibuya District in Japan.

Upon closer inspection, this isn’t a regular newspaper release. It’s a clever promotional tactic orchestrated by the “Jujutsu Kaisen” anime production team to amplify the series’ buzz.

The anime’s official Twitter handle has even shared a digital version of this “newspaper,” albeit in Japanese.

For those in Japan, copies of this special edition newspaper are up for grabs at no cost. They’ll be accessible at the Shibuya Mark City event venue until September 24th.

If you’re keen on securing one, approach a staff member for assistance.

Jujutsu Kaisen’s next episode is set to release on September 28, and the Shibuya arc is likely to get more intense with each new episode. Now that Gojo is out of the equation, curse spirits have the upper hand against sorcerers.

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