Here Are Two Possible Ways Gojo Satoru Can Still Survive

The manga series Jujutsu Kaisen has taken a dramatic turn with the release of spoilers for chapter 236. The showdown between the series’ most powerful characters has concluded, and it wasn’t what fans were expecting.

gojo satoru alive or dead
Warning: Major spoilers lie ahead for those not up to date with the manga.

The intense battle between Gojo Satoru and Ryomen Sukuna spanned 14 chapters, which is about three months. The fight was lengthy but ended with the surprising twist of Sukuna seemingly defeating Gojo.

After their prolonged battle, Gojo appeared to have won, but in a swift turn of events, Sukuna overpowered him. Sukuna’s powerful attack against Gojo resulted in splitting Gojo’s body in half and he appeared to be dead.

This unexpected outcome has left the Jujutsu Kaisen fanbase in shock, especially with Gege-sensei providing little clarity on how Mahoraga’s attack impacted Gojo.

It’s worth noting that Jujutsu Kaisen is a shonen manga, and as is typical in the shonen series, characters making miraculous recoveries or even returning from the dead isn’t unheard of.

In this article, we’ll explore the theories and possibilities of Gojo potentially making a comeback and facing off against Sukuna while also teaming up with the Thunder God, Kashimo.

Currently, there are two theories suggesting Gojo’s possible return, and we’ll delve into them in detail.

Theory #1: Regenerating Himself With The Reversed Cursed Technique

can gojo survive

The Reversed Cursed Technique stands out as a unique method where users convert negative energy into positive, primarily to heal or regenerate wounds.

But the question arises: How can Gojo Satoru utilize this technique to heal himself, especially in his current state? To understand this, we need to explore the origins of both cursed energy and its reversed counterpart.

Recalling the intense battle between Kashimo and Hakari during the culling games arc, which spanned from chapter 186 to chapter 190, there was a moment when Kashimo aimed for Hikari’s brain.

Why this specific target? It’s because the Reversed Cursed Technique draws its energy directly from a sorcerer’s brain.

Gojo really dead

On the other hand, looking back at the Hidden Inventory arc, particularly the fight between Gojo and Toji Fushigoro.

Toji indeed killed Gojo, but he was resurrected. Following his resurrection, Gojo explains that he can only be truly defeated if his head is entirely removed.

Gojo really dead

Piecing these insights together, it’s conceivable that Gojo has a chance at resurrection.

Even though Mahoraga’s attack severely damaged Gojo’s lower half, his upper body, crucially including his head, remains intact. This suggests he still has the potential to use Reversed Cursed Energy.

However, a challenge remains: While the Reversed Cursed Technique is a skill generated by a sorcerer’s brain, it’s still a subset of cursed energy. So, how will Gojo produce this energy? Typically, a sorcerer’s cursed energy is birthed in the stomach.

Given that Gojo’s upper body, which includes both his stomach and head, is still intact, there’s a glimmer of hope.

If Gojo maintains enough consciousness, he might be able to tap into his cursed energy and the Reversed Cursed Technique to heal himself and potentially assist Thunder God Kashimo in his fight against Sukuna.

Theory #2: Mei Mei’s Conversation With Nanami and Gojo

Chapter 236 of the series unveils a conversation that might be the most significant in the entire manga. As the chapter opens, we witness Gojo with familiar faces like Nanami, Geto, Mei Mei, and others.

This conversation, occurring within Gojo’s mind, is essentially his farewell to his close friends. Nanami candidly shares that he can’t fully support Gojo’s actions and would feel sorrow over his death.

Curious, Gojo asks Nanami about his feelings in his last moments before Mahito’s fatal attack. Nanami recalls a past conversation with Mei Mei, who had said:

“Move North if you want to look for yourself but from a different perspective. Or, move South if you want to stay the same person.”

Gojo really dead

Nanami took the South direction, meaning he wanted to stay the same. There might be a chance that Gojo will choose North, and it might become a second awakening for him as he will look for himself, but from a different perspective.

As we mentioned before, Gojo’s head and stomach are still intact with the body, and in the ‘afterlife,’ Gojo is standing with his friends in an airport.

Gojo bids his friends farewell and moves to board the plane; that plane might be heading North, a second awakening.

gojo satoru

The scene also features a lotus flower. Traditionally, a lotus represents spiritual rebirth, further suggesting Gojo’s possible return.

Based on Nanami’s advice, Gojo faces a decision: to head South and accept his fate or move North, pushing his sorcery to new heights.

With Nanami’s choice of the South, it’s plausible that Gojo will choose the North, marking his potential return and setting the stage for another showdown with Sukuna, with Kashimo by his side.

There are two prevailing theories suggesting Gojo Satoru’s potential resurrection. However, it’s essential to approach these theories with a degree of skepticism, as they remain unconfirmed.

Furthermore, based on Japanese manga popularity polls, Gojo Satoru stands out as the most beloved character in the Jujutsu Kaisen universe. His captivating blue eyes, reminiscent of an expansive sky, combined with his unparalleled strength, have earned him the title of “The Strongest.”

Eliminating such a pivotal character could adversely impact the manga’s sales. Given Gojo’s immense popularity, it seems unlikely for the creators to sideline him permanently.

For now, all we can do is speculate about Gojo’s fate and eagerly await the next chapters to see if he will indeed meet his end or if there’s a twist in store.

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