Gundam Creator Says Japan Is No Longer A Leader In Animation

A Japanese news blog, Real Economy published an article about the Gundam creator, Yoshiyuki Tomino, who spoke at a Museum exhibition, where he talked about the challenges of the anime industry in the current era. Yoshiyuki revealed that Japan is no longer the leader in animation, and China is now ahead of Japan.

Tomino revealed that about 10 years ago when he went to Beijing (China) to deliver a lecture, there were many young anime enthusiasts, and they are now working as professionals in Chinsese animation industry. He also said that many graduates from Beijing University (which is considered a top class education institute) have entered in the world of anime.

Tomino claimed that Chinsese government is heavily investing in their domestic animation department, as a part of their state policy. He then compared the Chinsese govt. with Japanese government, and said that Japansese politicians are stuck 30 to 40 years in the past. He further said:

There is a sense of crisis that Japan will lose completely to those in Beijing if they don’t stop making anime from a business-oriented perspective. But I didn’t mean to send salt to them who came to listen to my lecture, and I don’t want to lose. Still, I want you all to be aware that Japan is no longer a leader in animation.

As for as the Chinese animated shows are concerned, the quality has improved a lot over the years. Link Click is probably the most popular Chinese animated series, worldwide. And the series is also getting a Japanese dub, which will be released in Jan 2022. According to many anime fans, they still can’t enjoy the Chinese animation as much as anime because of the language barrier. Also, many Japanese animators now prefer to work for Chinese animation studio due to better wages.

What are your thoughts on China’s growing animation industry? Will it affect the anime industry in any way? Please tell us your opinion in the comment section.

Source: Otakomu

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