Gundam Creator Says Japan Is No Longer A Leader In Animation

Published on December 28th, 2021

A Japanese news blog, Real Economy published an article about the Gundam creator, Yoshiyuki Tomino, who spoke at a Museum exhibition, where he talked about the challenges of the anime industry in the current era. Yoshiyuki revealed that Japan is no longer the leader in animation, and China is now ahead of Japan.

Tomino revealed that about 10 years ago when he went to Beijing (China) to deliver a lecture, there were many young anime enthusiasts, and they are now working as professionals in Chinsese animation industry. He also said that many graduates from Beijing University (which is considered a top class education institute) have entered in the world of anime.

Tomino claimed that Chinsese government is heavily investing in their domestic animation department, as a part of their state policy. He then compared the Chinsese govt. with Japanese government, and said that Japansese politicians are stuck 30 to 40 years in the past. He further said:

There is a sense of crisis that Japan will lose completely to those in Beijing if they don’t stop making anime from a business-oriented perspective. But I didn’t mean to send salt to them who came to listen to my lecture, and I don’t want to lose. Still, I want you all to be aware that Japan is no longer a leader in animation.

As for as the Chinese animated shows are concerned, the quality has improved a lot over the years. Link Click is probably the most popular Chinese animated series, worldwide. And the series is also getting a Japanese dub, which will be released in Jan 2022. According to many anime fans, they still can’t enjoy the Chinese animation as much as anime because of the language barrier. Also, many Japanese animators now prefer to work for Chinese animation studio due to better wages.

What are your thoughts on China’s growing animation industry? Will it affect the anime industry in any way? Please tell us your opinion in the comment section.

Source: Otakomu

20 thoughts on “Gundam Creator Says Japan Is No Longer A Leader In Animation

  1. If japanese animators get better rest i think they can back on being godtier animation just rest japanese animators we can wait on releasing of episodes of your animes better rest can resolve everything…

  2. Well it’s I do believe there’s room for improvement, lately I have been feeling more vibes from Chinese anime , the plot , explosions , storyline, powers , graphics , all incredible take for instance the daily life of an immortal king , wow just wow , season 1 ep 14 or something like that where the MC went all berserkers after the loss of his crush , the explosions and graphics made me went wow just great . My point here is sooner or later China will overtake Japan . And yes I said sooner ,didn’t say they already are overtaking .

  3. China can be the first in animation but I HATE THE STORIES THEY MAKE. the plot is all about chinese cultivation or some ancient sht, they’re only literally promoting their culture when they just decided to copy japan’s culture of anime, I could say that their animation is good but that’s about it, talk about made in china bruh, China can make a lot of high quality animation because they are rich and this advantage will beat a lot of japanese anime studios.
    BUT most of animator’s idea of China are restricted by the country’s regulations so chinese donghua will never beat Japanese Anime just because they can never get over the boundary of creativity, SPREAD THE WORD, I don’t want japan to lose to some plagiarized copycats

  4. I agree that china has good animation or whatsoever but all the plot they create or the story are too generic and shabby, plus they’re only promoting chinese culture at that, and it still lack some originality for the majority. So generally speaking, Japanese Anime/animation studios are still the king in the domain.

    1. What do you mean by “promoting chinese culture”? Anime from each region promotes their own culture. Just like Japanese anime is always set in Japan, and show huge influence with Japanese culture. They even use title names like “Tokyo…”

  5. This is extremely on point. On all accounts. Hitori no Shita is by far one of the best action anime out there with a truly genuine storyline, and compelling fight scenes.

  6. As long as he doubles them in Japanese, it suits me. I watched Link Click and I really like anime, but it sounds weird in Chinese. I got used to anime dubbed in Japanese. I wouldn’t want that to change.

  7. I know exactly what china is up to, they plan to steal japan’s hard work of animation, as an anime fan myself this is beyond disgraceful, I’m very ashamed at this, I have never felt bad for Japan in my life😤😢

    1. That’s funny… China’s not the only one that’s making anime like animation…. You’re really blaming China for their anime creativity?

  8. Japan no matter what will remain at the top the china does have the ressource to make godlike animations but without a good story behind all that avantage becomes useless piece of shit i also enjoy old anime with bad animations because of the story and messege delivered to the audience on the other hand china have no inspiration when it comes to write story and it is always about their culture and all the stuff meanwhile there is not only china in the world they don’t think out of the box hence they will nerver arrive at excellence as it is the case with japan plus japan is more strong at copy paste at every thing but this time they need real skills.

  9. China can invest more and expect less because it has more to offer. Japan expects something in return for what it does. China tries to show how powerful it is and keeping anime and art pure of business spirit is the use of it’s power to earn our respect. From art’s perspective, anyone who can make pure art for the sake of art has my bless because i’m sick of watching harems, pant shots and fan service in something i honestly love like anime. I want it to be pure and i will show my social unacceptance to anyone who tries to taint it and respect to anyone who balance quality and earnings equally. Of course i love Japan but even more i’m sad for people of the whole world actually buying and watching more of anime that focus on fan service so obvious! This is too low! Japan will do anything possible for higher numbers. If world was not that low in their standards, anime might were better…

  10. Well I think not the New Prime Minister of Japan Fumio Kishida have promised to Increase the wages of Animators in the Anime Industry because he’s a fan of Demon Slayer and his favorite character is Akaza well let’s not lose Hope and China have Just Copied & reduplicate most of Japan’s Anime Style from there Donghua animation and also there’s lots of censorship of Fanservices because of the CCP Government policy unlike Japan and thanks to Osamu Tezuka the very first Animator who drawn the Original Anime Style That we seen in JAPANIME today so China can’t Steal the Glory From JAPAN because JAPANIME is the BEST of the BEST IN THE WORLD

  11. Well Chinese animation has improve
    Over the last few years but I think it’s the
    Language that is the problem it’s just to hard to understand even if there’s a English sub because I don’t know what is what but in Japanese i can understand it
    Just by listening and it’s eazy too comprehend sounds nice even if it the first time watching an anime in Japanese dub there’s just something about the essence of the language

  12. Uggghhhh i hate chinese animation at all how about the rest anime releasing at jan 2022 tell me if chinese animation will do that rest of part

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