Hajime Isayama Was Too Shy To Draw A Kiss Between Eren And Mikasa

Published on June 2nd, 2021

In a recent interview leaks, it has been revealed that after Hannes (Eren’s father figure) death scene, Mikasa was leaning towards Eren for a kiss but Hajime Isayama was too shy to draw that scene.

Hajime Isayama upcoming interview was leaked by a reliable source which reveals some very important new information about the Attack on Titan characters. Here are some of the important points from the leaked interview:

EMA, A Super Hero Team

According to Hajime Isayama, EMA (Eren, Mikasa. Armin) represents wisdom, courage and strength (not in order). Mikasa is the strength, because Isayama thought it’d be interesting distributing a woman the role of “red” in a super sentai (superhero) team

Eren And Mikasa Kiss Nearly Happened In Ch 50

After reading chapter 50, editors thought Eren and Mikasa are going to kiss, but Isayama felt shy drawing that, & he wasn’t certain with his ability to draw their dynamics after a kiss – looking back, Yams hoped he was more brave in drawing a kiss, because Mikasa probably wanted a kiss

Complexity of Reiner’s Character

As Isayama got married and grew to gain more experience from life, he felt like he was able to express his personal growth in his work, e.g. the complexity of Reiner (being tortured by guilt, yet being able to re-build relationships with jean and the others at the end)

Mikasa Was Originally Planned To Be American/Europeon

When Isayama first got his inspiration of Mikasa from the client, he hadn’t decided on the plot nor the main characters yet. Mikasa was originally gonna be a westerner, but after meeting his client who inspired him, he set her character as an Asian

Isayama Loves Seeing The Reaction of Readers

Hajime Isayama loves seeing the reactions of readers online. In the beginning of releasing Attack on Titan, he nearly read comments from all readers. However, at a certain stage, there started to be a sharp increase in comments, so he couldn’t manage to read them all even if he wanted to

When Isayama Thought Real “Eren Is Back”

Plot about EMA had been planned out all along, but Eren’s “No, I don’t want that!” segment came to Isayama when he was drawing the panels. Hajime Isayama loves whiny Eren, so when he was drawing “No, I don’t want that!”, he thought to himself: “Eren is back”

Hajime Isayama Official interview will be published on June 7, alongside with Full Metal Alchemist author Hiromu Arakawa. Attack on Titan final season part 2 is scheduled for Winter 2022, which will adapt the remaining manga.

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