Hunter x Hunter Is Coming Back, Confirmed By One Punch Man Creator

Published on May 24th, 2022

One of the most popular shonen manga series of all time, Hunter x Hunter is confirmed to be coming back after a tweet went viral allegedly from the series creator, Yoshihiro Togashi himself.

A Tweet has been going viral in the Japanese Twitter community, from a new Twitter account. The Tweet has a caption of ” 4 more chapters for the time being”, it shows a side image of a paper which looks like a rough sketch of the manga panel. According to the Tweet, Togashi sensei has completed 6 new chapters of Hunter x Hunter, and he is trying to finish 4 more for now. The post has gathered more than 200k likes in a matter of hours, but as the account was created recently there was still no confirmation whether this account belongs to the Hunter x Hunter creator or not, until it was confirmed by One Punch Man author.

To add some credibility to this Tweet, One Punch Man author, Yasuke Murata is also following this Twitter handle. They have also retweeted the tweet with the caption “I was with the person myself”.

The above retweet pretty much confirms that Hunter x Hunter manga series is coming back. No information has been revealed about the exact release date for the new manga chapters. However, we now know from the Tweet that we will be getting at least 10 more new chapters. Hunter x Hunter manga went on hiatus in 2018, so it has been almost 4 years since the new chapter came out. Even if Togashi is coming back for just a few more chapters, that is still a good news for fans. Of course, there is still no information on when the anime series will come back.

The popular manga series has previously taken many breaks because of health issues of Togashi. The series creator suffers from chronic, debilitating back pain for years now, which hinders his drawing capabilities.

Hunter x Hunter manga started serializing in Weekly Shonen Jump since March 1998. Hunter x Hunter was adapted by Mad House into anime series, which aired from Oct 2011 to Sept 2014 with a total number of 148 episodes. Hunter x Hunter anime has a rating of 9.08 on My Anime List from almost 1.2 million users.

Hunter x Hunter story focuses on a young boy named Gon Freecss who discovers that his father, who left him at a young age, is actually a world-renowned Hunter, a licensed professional who specializes in fantastical pursuits such as locating rare or unidentified animal species, treasure hunting, surveying unexplored enclaves, or hunting down lawless individuals. Gon departs on a journey to become a Hunter and eventually find his father. Along the way, Gon meets various other Hunters and encounters the paranormal.

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37 thoughts on “Hunter x Hunter Is Coming Back, Confirmed By One Punch Man Creator

  1. I really hope this is true because hxh is my favorite anime and the anime that got me into watching anime, my first anime and it’s been with me through so much it’s more than just a show to me it feels safe and if this is true I’ll be so happy-

      1. lol yeah keep yourself safe too edgelord who thinks its funny to write stuff like that… we all know u want attention because your fanily doesnt give u enough ig lol

  2. I was only at grade school since i watch this on 90’s version of HxH
    I always want to watch this anime

  3. More than 20 times I watched HxH per episode repeatedly. I’m waiting for so long, I’m so excited. 😁👍

  4. One Punch Man creator is ONE. He made the webcomic.

    Murata is the artist for the manga “remake”. I love Murata but let’s not say he created One Punch Man please.

    1. thanks. i wanted a way to do the same.
      murata didn’t created it. basically, murata is a drawer, but not a scenarist. the same for eyeshield 21…

  5. Super excited , hunter x hunter is one great anime story to be craeated 👍🤛💪💜

  6. Murata is not the author of one punch man, he just illustrates the manga version. The one punch man creator/ author is “One” Tomohiro

  7. Gon this, Killua that, how bout we tune in to see how everyone survives the King Crimson nen ability

    1. Exactly everybody talking about Gon and killua like they still in the story they haven’t been in the story for how long now it’s about the battle between princes on a 4 story boat going to the dark continent now

  8. After 6 episodes then hiatus again chances are creator of this anime will die before he finish hunter x hunter.

  9. Thank you so Much Togashi for another fun and adventure HxH manga.
    Hope to see the next episode soon 🤩🤩🤩

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