In Japan 37% companies make their employees work “illegal” overtime

Let’s admit it that we all have some idea of harsh work culture of Japan, and how some companies treat their employees. According to an on-site survey conducted, 37% companies were working their employees illegal overtime.

Japanese Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare conducted an on-site survey last year from more than 24,000 businesses and according to the result, 37% companies were found to have illegal overtime work culture.

Ministry of health conducted on-site investigation from more than 24,000 workplaces. Result found out that 8904 places were working illegal overtime, which make 37% of total. These places had no labor-management required to work overtime.

From 8904 cases that were found to be working illegal overtime, 2982 cases were confirmed to have overtime work of more than 80 hours per month, and 419 places had overtime work exceeding 150 hours.

But wait, there might be a silver lining in all of this. According to the ministry of health, this is a lowest (37%) cases they found this year compared to previous years. Meaning although the work culture of Japan is still terrible but it is moving in right direction (Slowly)

Source: NHK JP

Copyright NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation).

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