Iran Requires Female Anime Characters To Wear Hijab

Iran’s Supreme Leader, Ayatullah Ali Khamenei has issued a new fatwa (a legal pronouncement) requiring that female in animated television series must wear a Hijab. Ali Khamenei also said that “While it is not necessary for women in cartoons and anime films to cover their heads, it is mandatory to wear them due to the consequences of not wearing a Hijab

This new legal ruling has caused considerable criticism from people who see this new rule as a violation of freedom of expression. On the other hand, some people fhave also pointed out that this censorship will destroy the animation idustry and also would impose too high a cost on animation studios that want to distribute their productions in the country of Iran . 

This will cause television networks to censor animation on their own or produce original animations that comply with the norms in Iran. Iran already has strict censorship laws on the country’s film industry.

In Iran, Physical interactions between men and women are prohibited, while discussion of controversial topics is limited. Scenes that are deemed immoral or offensive to the regime are often censored, while movies that are deemed hostile to Islamic values ​​are banned.  According to Iran’s law since its 1979 revolution, women must wear a hijab that covers the head, neck and hides their hair.

Source: DailyMail

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