Is there Lycoris Recoil episode 13?

The latest episode of the ongoing series was released on 17 September, and we saw Chisato and Takina taking down Majima with the help of DA. However, fans are wondering whether the series has ended or if Lycoris Recoil episode 13 will happen.

lycoris recoil episode 13

Usually, a seasonal anime series has a total of 12 episodes, but on some occasions, the series could have 11 or 13 episodes as well. Luckily for Lycoris Recoil fans, there is still 1 episode left before the series ends. Lycoris Recoil episode 13 is scheduled for 24 September. The release time for the international fans is as follows.

  • Pacific time: 7:30 PDT (24 September 2022)
  • Central time: 9:30 CDT (24 September 2022)
  • Eastern time: 9:30 EST (24 September 2022)
  • British time: 15:30 BST (24 September 2022)
  • Indian time: 20:00 IST (24 September 2022)
  • European time: 16:30 CEST (24 September 2022)
  • Australian time: 1:00 ACDT (25 September 2022)
  • Philippines time: 22:30 PHT (24 September 2022)

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In episode 12 of the series, DA finally launched an all-out attack on Majima and informed every Lycoris to kill him on sight along with other members of his group.

However, Majima was two steps ahead as he intentionally leaked the information regarding Lycoris, whose existence has been hidden from ordinary people. After their existence became global, mass panic was noticed in the cities.

On the other hand, Takina engages in a fierce battle with Mr. Yoshi in an attempt to secure the heart, which might give Chisato a second chance at life.

Despite her going all out, Yoshi somehow manages to run away along with the briefcase consisting of the artificially made heart.

However, walnut successfully found the location of the hacker, which she sent to DA from an anonymous address.

Although it seemed everything was over, and the Lycoris won, at the last moment, Majima came out of the shadows and took Chisato while others were in the lift to go out from the tower so that DA could take care of the dead bodies.

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