Top 10 Anime Like Lycoris Recoil (That You Will Love Watching)

Published on August 3rd, 2022

“Lycoris Recoil” is the original series by the animation Studio A1-Pictures, whose previous famous works include 86 Eighty-Six, Sword Art Online, Kaguya-sama: Love is War. If you loved Lycoris Recoil, you would enjoy watching out Top anime recommendations like Lycoris Recoil.

anime like lycoris recoil

Lycoris Recoils follows the story of an assassination agency named DA (Direct Attack) that hire orphans as assassins and train them to maintain the peace of the world. Among these assassins are two girls, “Takina” and “Chisato”, who work in different agency bases. But due to some unprofessional behaviour of “Takina”, she is transferred to the same base as “Chisato”, where they spend every day together and see how differently they see their worlds.

The vibe of Lycoris Recoil is like a thriller, action, mystery-ish type. The major selling point of this anime is the sublime animation and the voice acting of the major cast (especially Chisato’s voice acting). The anime series has been praised by the Famous Japanese Game Developer “Hideo Kojima” (Famous Works: Metal Gear Solid Series).

Here are the top 10 anime like Lycoris Recoil that you will love watching.

1. Release the Spyce

release the spyce lycoris

“Momo” is a teenage girl who wants to follow in her father’s footsteps as a police officer. But what everyone does not know is that she has the power to tell what others are feeling by just having a lick of spice. Yes, spice gives her powers.

Later she meets a group of girls who fight the evil organization with the help of this spice-licking power. So, Momo is recruited here and she starts her new life as a part of this group fighting bad guys. This anime has the same theme of fighting girls. It has a pretty engaging storyline and a banger opening song.

  • Number of Episodes: 12 episodes.
  • Personal Rating: 7.00

2. Assault Lily

assault lily lycoris

Assault Lily anime follows the story of a teenage girl named “Lilies” who fight a mysterious monster called “Huge” with the help of their special weapons known as “CHARMS”.

This anime follows the exact theme of Lycoris Recoil except for the fact that there is no secret organization involved in this anime. If you liked the cute girl, and vigilante vibes of Lycoris Recoil, this anime is definitely for you.

  • Number of Episodes: 12 episodes
  • Personal Rating: 7.00.

3. Tokyo Ghoul

Tokyo Ghoul anime like lycoris recoil

Following the same aspect of “Secret Organization”, the story is of a teenage boy “Kaneki” who, by some complicated circumstances, becomes a ghoul (a being that can only feast on humans). But being a naïve person, he decides that he will never eat humans.

Kaneki, later on, meets a secret ghoul organization that disguises itself as a café named “Anteiku”. The sole purpose of this organization is to prevent other ghouls from committing murder and provide them with human meat they obtain from people who take their own life. But many other organizations think otherwise. This is a classic series that you will enjoy watching.

  • Number of Episodes: 48 episodes + 2 OVAs
  • Personal Rating: 8.00

4. Puella Magi Madoka Magica

cute anime lycoris recoil

A dark-fantasy anime that follows the story of two high school girls, “Madoka” and “Sayaka”, who encounter a bizarre creature that offers them that if they become magical girls, they will be granted any wish they want.

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Madoka and Sayaka get signals from other girls not to accept this offer. One day, their senior offers to give them a tour of the magical girl’s world, and there, they witness the horrors of that world.

The music in Puella Magi Madoka Magica is quite exquisite. The resemblance it has with Lycoris recoil is that it also features a group of two girls with different personalities.

  • Number of Episodes: 12 episodes.
  • Personal Rating: 8.50

5. The Millionaire Detective – Balance: Unlimited

anime like lycoris recoil

Have you ever felt in life that you have so much money that you don’t know what to do with it? Well, you might get some idea from this anime which follows the story of “Daisuke”, a man of literally unlimited wealth, who is assigned the job of a detective in the Modern Crime Prevention Headquarters.

Daisuke meets a colleague, “Haru”, who sees things differently than him. They spend their daily lives solving different cases, the former through money, and the latter through his mind. In this anime, just like Lycoris Recoil, the two main characters have different views and must work together as a team.

  • Number of Episodes: 11 episodes.
  • Personal Rating: 7.00.

6. Jujutsu Kaisen

similar anime to Lycoris recoil

“Itadori” is your average high school boy who wants to find meaning in life. One day, he finds himself in a pinch as his club-mates are being attacked by a ghost. He is saved by another teenager “Megumi”, who is a jujutsu sorcerer. A lot of complicated things happen and he is somehow now recruited into the Jujutsu School where they teach aspiring students how to fight ghosts and spirits.

He meets many people throughout the anime who teach him new things and he learns how to become a strong Jujutsu sorcerer. You might think is not related to Lycoris Recoil, but, both of them involve secret groups who take care of evil, which in this case are ghosts. Opening songs, ending songs, animation, music, and everything else about this anime is worth the gram. So, grab your popcorn and dive in!

  • Number of Episodes: 24 episodes
  • Personal Rating: 10.0

7. Warlords of Sigrdrifa

warlords of sigrdrifa lycoris recoil

The series takes place in a world where Valkyries battle monsters called Pillars with the help of their flying devices “Hero Wings”. “Claudia” is a top Valkyrie of Europe, but she is transferred to Japan as their top fighter dies in battle.

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Things get complicated as Claudia is always the only one left behind alive during missions. Throughout the anime, you will follow how Claudia interacts with everyone and changes her opinion in other characters’ eyes. Just like Lycoris Recoil, this is a story about cute girls who are trying to save the world from disaster.

  • Number of Episodes: 12 episodes
  • Personal Rating: 6.50

8. Cowboy Bepop

anime like recoil lycoris

Cowboy Bepop is an anime series from the 90s which tells us a story about a time in the faraway future. “Spike” along with his partner “Jet”, travels across the universe to fight crime on their own as the human race has spread throughout the universe.

Throughout their journey, they make different comrades who follow them in pursuing their goals. “Spike” has a similar characteristic to “Chisato” from Lycoris Recoil as both of them have some problems in their past and they want to overcome them. This was one of the first series that introduced anime to the world.

  • Number of Episodes: 26 episodes.
  • Personal Rating: 8.90.

9. Engage Kiss

recommendation lycoris recoil

Airing in Summer 2022 just like Lycoris Recoil, Engage Kiss anime follows the story of a duo of “Shuu” and “Kisara”, who work undercover in the world to defeat demons and protect people from them. This anime is somewhat the same as Lycoris Recoil as we see the main protagonists living as demon-hunter throughout the anime.

  • Number of Episodes: 13 episodes
  • Personal Rating: 7.10.

10. Spy x Family

lycoris recoil spy x family

“Loid Forger” (alias Twilight) is a spy who lives his daily life-fighting crime so that everyone can live a peaceful life. He receives a mission of stopping a school principal (who is a criminal in reality), for which he has to have a child (even though he is not married). S

Loid is now on the look for a wife and a child. He adopts “Anya” from a local orphanage and does a kind of contract with “Yor” (alias Thorn Princess), who is an assassin, to be his wife. Things that started because of a mission take a turn as they all learn what it means to be a true family and realize that there are times when all they need is each other.

Both “Loid” and “Yor” do their jobs in secret just like Lycoris Recoil’s main protagonists. Along with a touch of Lycoris Recoil, this anime also has a slice-of-life aspect which you will definitely like.

  • Number of Episodes: 12 episodes.
  • Personal Rating: 10.0

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