Japan Creates Robotic Girlfriend Hand For Lonely People

Japanese Engineers have come to the rescue of all the people who do not have girlfriends. Now the famous “Hand Holding” will be possible thanks to Japan’s Gifu University engineers.

A group of engineer researhers set out to create a method for people to experience holding your girlfriend’s hand more easily than by finding a girlfriend. The Osampo Kanojo, which roughly translates to “Walking Girlfriend,” is a warm, humanlike but motorized hand made for people who just want a hand to hold.

While it still looks very robotic, the scientist have actually added several features to make it feel more human like. The hand itself was made with soft pliable gel to recreate “the feeling of a woman’s hand.” It also has a pressure sensor inside which prompts the hand to squeeze back when the user squeezes it first, mimicking the reaction of a real hand. 

The Osampo Kanojo also has a heater placed inside it, which allows warmth to radiate from its fingers. The hand also ‘sweats’ through a piece of moistened fabric placed inside. The moisture goes through small pores, when the heater is activated.

Then there’s the smell. The cloth placed inside the Osampo Kanojo is filled the fragrance of women’s shampoo and releases a sent when the cloth is heated. Though the hand does not come with a complete body, it does include sound effects that can be played through phones. These include footsteps, breathing, and the gentle rustle of clothing. 

Model is only available as a female hand but engineers have also planned to make a male version which will have the smell of barbecue charcoal and motor oil. Engineers believe that this technology will be beneficial for comforting lonely people in difficult times. For now, it is not clear when this new technology will be available for consumers.

Source: SoraNews24

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