Japanese 52 Year Old Got Arrested For Stealing Anime DVDS

Anime can sometimes become an addiction. You can spend hours and hours of watching anime, and you will never get bored. An anime addiction leading to an attempted robbery is not something you usually hear in the news. However, when it comes to Japan, everything is possible.

Yahoo News Japan reported on Thursday, that a 52 year old senior citizen was arrested for stealing DVDs in Hokkaido Prefecture, Japan. He was arrested for the crime of Robbery.

He was suspected of stealing anime DVDs with an estimated market value of 10,000 yen (about 78 US dollars) from a DVD store in Kitahiroshima at around 2:30 pm on April 20. While attempting to flee with the merchandise without going through the counter, he was subdued by an employee of the store who noticed that something is not right.

When the police investigated the senior citizen, he admitted to the charges of robbery during the questioning. “I just wanted to watch the anime on DVDs” he said. The police report also said the 52 year old man was unemployed (which explains why he was trying to steal). The police report did not reveal which anime series, he was trying to steal from the store.

The news was shared on many social media platforms in Japan, where users reacted with “The guy who is watching anime at 52 is crazy”, “I want to know the anime title”, “An unemployed 52-year-old who steals anime DVDs. I don’t know what to think about it”, “Nobody told you that you could contract a streaming service?”.

Source: Yahoo News, Yaraon

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