Japanese Fans Rank Their Favorite Scenes From Attack on Titan

NHK TV, who is the official broadcasting partner of Attack on Titan anime, recently conducted a survey in Japan. In the survey, fans were presented with some famous Attack on Titan scenes, and were asked to rank them from their most favorite to least favorite scene. Here is the complete result:

1. Thank you For Saving Me

One of the most beautiful scenes between Eren and Mikasa, got the top spot for most of the Japanese fans. In Season 2 episode 12 of the series, Hannes who is a father figure to Eren, gets Eaten by the smiling titan in front of Eren. Mikasa is already injured. So, thinking that this is her last moment, she sorta confesses her feelings to Eren.

This scene was also live voice acted by the Attack on Titan cast:

2. Erwin Charge

Erwin’s death charge in Season 3 episode 16, was ranked 2nd most favorite scene. Erwin, and his troops are trapped by the beast titan, seeing that there is no way out, Erwin decides a death charge, and gives an amazing speech. Beast Titan is distracted by the soldiers coming to their death, which gives Levi necessary time for a surprise attack.

3. Levi vs Beast Titan

It is astonishing that Attack on Titan gave us two of the most iconic moments of the series in the same episode. First is the Erwin’s sacrifice, and the second is the epic battle between Beast Titan and Levi. That is the first time we saw Levi getting into that kind of mode, and almost killing the Beast Titan.

3. Capturing Female Titan

In the first season, capturing the female titan in the forest was one of the most tense scenes of the series. As we know that Female Titan wanted to catch Eren alive, while the Survey Corps wanted to capture her, so they used Eren as a bait. We saw Levi’s whole squad get wiped out by the female Titan. This scene was tied with Levi vs Beast Titan fight.

4. Introduction of Armored Titan

In the first episode of Attack on Titan, Colossal Titan breaks the outer wall, and then we see a fast titan running towards the inner wall. He has hard armored, and shows intelligence. Back then, we didn’t know that inside, there was a 12 year old boy who was just doing his duty as a soldier.

4. Carla Yeager Death

Eren’s mother, Carla Yeager was trapped under the rubble, after the colossal titan brother the outer wall. Carla Yeager was eaten by the smiling titan in front of Titan. That was probably the most crucial moment in Eren’s life, and greatly affected his actions in the future. The scene of Carla Yeager death is tied with the Introduction of Armored Titan.

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What are your thoughts on these rankings? Would you have voted for some different scene of Attack on Titan? Let us know your opinion in the comment section.

Source: AoT Wiki Twitter

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