Japanese Girls Selling Used Shoes On High Prices

A popular Japanese social media website gathered listing from Japanese online selling websites where some girls are selling used shoes to people on high price. These shoes are known as “Uwabaki”, these are footwears made to be used inside in the house and school. When Japanese come from outside, they leave the other shoes outside of the house to wear “Uwabaki”.

Who Is Buying These Shoes?

Well, without Judging anyone it is already known that many people have foot fetishism, meaning they get se*ual arrou*ed when looking at feet of other people.

Astonishing thing is that these footwears are being sold on a very high price compared to manufacturing cast. Some shoes are selling as high as 20,000 yen which is roughly $200 US dollar. If you wanted to buy one of these, you might be disappointed because many of these footwears are sold out very quickly.

When this news was posted on Japanese forum, it caused a debate that girls really have unfair advantage compared to men. Here are some of the comments:

Damn, women have so many opportunities for easy business in their favor .

Hmm, can I pretend to be a girl and sell a pair of my used shoes online? 

” Women make money from whatever it is, they know well the value of things .”

“They won’t need them after graduation, I guess it’s okay for someone to put ‘another use ‘ for them.”

” It seems like a good deal .”

Source: Otakomu

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