Japanese Moms Are Worried About The Sexual Content In Anime

A popular Japanese websites recently posted an article that has gone viral on social media. They conducted a survey asking moms whose kids watch anime that, what do they think about the sexual content that is being shown in ongoing anime series.

A 36 Year old woman from Gifu city said: “I’m curious about the sexual expression of anime and manga that my son in the second grade of elementary school sees. Boys touch girls’ breasts and see underwear. There is a girl who emphasizes her breasts in “Kimetsu no Yaiba”, and I’m worried that in the near future this will shown as natural. I’m wondering if it’s okay to show the work and how to explain it my kids”

Another 40 year old mom from Toyohashi city, who has a son and a daughter in elementary school said that every time she watches anime or any commercial, sexuality is emphasized more than necessary, like revealing clothing, and it made her uncomfortable. She was worried that if her kids asked her about this content, what will she tell them? She is worried that mobile phones are now so common, and kids can see the wrong content without her knowledge.

Keiko Ota ( age 45), a lawyer who is familiar with media expression said:

I don’t think there is anything wrong with erotic content, and I don’t think there is anything wrong with indecent conversations between close friends. However, it is a problem when scenes of sexual violence are included for fun.

For example, the change of skirts. It used to be considered a “prank”, but the situation in which a girl is accidentally seen in a skirt is not a “slightly mischievous and funny episode.” It is a form of sexual violence. In other words, the problem is not “sexual expression” but “expression that makes sexual violence entertaining.”

Source: Chunichi

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