Japanese Vtuber Says People With Anime Profile Picture Are Most Toxic

A new controversy came to limelight in Japan, when a post went viral about a Vtuber criticizing people with anime profile pictures. Suto Emini, who is a Japanese Virtual YouTuber and defines herself as a feminist on her Twitter profile, went viral when she openly criticized anime fans and allegedly exposed their toxic behavior.

A Twitter user nakka__35 tweeted:

The most dangerous thing is to criticize otaku content because it attracts slander, searches for personal information and dea*h threats. There are many dangers associated with the Odakyu incident.

So the controversy began when Suto Emini replied to this tweet through her Twitter account with a following message:

I really understand it; the most dangerous (topic) and what “hits” the most around here…. I don’t know from where (Otaku’s Image as) “we’re nice, harmless, and shy” self-image comes from.

Suto Emini further said:

In my case, there were times when people who came to troll my YouTube comments had 100% anime profiles, so I had to block them, manually, one by one.

There are also people who suddenly bring up anime / otaku themes and “throw on my face” even though they haven’t been criticized or even mentioned. I wonder what they are going to say all of a sudden.

I’ve never seen anything like this outside of otaku community, where just by criticizing an anime, you can be inundated with slander, have your personal information searched and exposed, and even receive dea*h threats.

It should be pointed out that people with anime profile picture are often treated differently outside of anime community. There is a running joke in some communities that “opinion of people with anime profile picture does not matter”.

It remains to be clarified that people with extreme behavior exist in all kinds of community, whether it’s anime or games. Criticizing the whole anime community for the action of a few people is unfair and should not be allowed.

Finally, what is your opinion on this matter? For example, people (with anime profile picture) you interacted with, did you find any difference in behavior? Please let us know your opinion in the comment section.

Source: Yaraon

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