Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 179 Leaks: [Spoiler] Returns?!

The latest chapter of Jujutsu Kaisen is nearly upon us! And as we all know with a nearing release date come spoilers and leaks! After taking a quick peek at this week’s leaks I can proudly say that the upcoming chapter will be an exciting ride! One filled to the brim with amazing fight sequences and cursed techniques! We’ll get right into it down in the spoilers section!

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Chapter 178 Recap

Before we jump into spoilers for chapter 179 let’s do a quick recap of what went down in the most recent chapter of the series, titled, ‘Sendai Colony 5.’ Be sure to read the chapter yourself, you can find it for free, and officially down below!

The chapter starts us off with Yuta summoning Rika, much to his two opponents’ surprise! Rika then, using her ability to store cursed techniques, asks Yuta whose ability he wants. And with that their ultimate 5-minute connection begins.

To start things off Yuta uses Inumaki’s cursed speech to hold Uro in place. Then with some help from Rika, the two begin to -quite literally- pulverize her. When they see Ryu trying to interrupt Yuta takes Uro to one side to finish her off, leaving Rika to deal with Ryu. And deal with him she does by swiftly punching him straight down into the ground. Of course, this isn’t enough to defeat him and the two begin to trade blows.

On the other side of the battlefield, Uro is yelling at Yuta for his supposed ancestor’s crimes, but he interrupts her with a sliced attack via shadow blades and shikigami. It’s here where Uro quickly realizes what Yuta’s supposed cursed technique is, it’s “copy.” Her proof behind this is that he’s used multiple different clan’s cursed techniques including the recently killed Druv’s.

As the chapter comes to a close all of our fighters end up surrounding each other. As Ryu yells out for them to stop wasting time they all raise their hands and open their Doman Expansions! What happens next? Well, let’s find out!

Chapter 179 Spoilers

Now that we are all caught up, let’s dive right into chapter 178. Warning, however, some raws for the upcoming chapter are already out so there are confirmed spoilers below, you have been warned.

This exciting chapter kicks off exactly where 178 left us, with all our fighters launching their domain expansions. On the first page, we learnt that Uro and Ryu have purposely worked together in their domains to restrict Rika from entering their domains. And of course, this angers her it angers her to a point that she unlocks her next phase.

As Rika goes through this, it seems that the bug-cursed spirit that Yuta killed has returned! That’s right inheriting a new body from one of his offspring’s Kurouroshi is back! But it seems that he won’t be for long since Rika now has someone to release her anger on!

Due to the instability of the three sorcerers’ domains, Rika attacking the outside, and Kurouroshi suddenly appearing the domains fall. However, during this time, Yuta was quick to realize that Kurouroshi’s cursed energy and technique were affecting Uro the most out of everyone there. Using this chance, Yuta is able to take down Uro in her weakened state.

Now the only people left are Ryu, Yuta and Rika. Finally, happy Ryu is ready to engage in battle with Yuta, but before that he sees Uro attempting to attack them from behind. Angered by this he grabs the unconscious Kuroushi throws him at Uro, finally, he shoots a blast off at them knocking both sorcerers out!

With them out of the way it’s time for the fight that Ryu’s been waiting for! The ultimate dessert to all the battles he has fought since being reincarnated. Will Yuta be able to defeat this battle-hungry monster or will he be defeated by him, Let’s find out together…next week!

Raw Scans

Raw scans for chapter 178 are not currently available at the time this article is being written. However, if any, do come out we will make sure to update this page.

Release Date

Jujutsu Kaisen 178 is currently expected to release Sunday, March 27th, 2022. As of the writing of this article, there have been no announced delays to the upcoming chapter. Meaning that the official English release of Jujutsu Kaisen will most likely stick to schedule and release on Sunday as usual.

Where To Read

You can read Jujutsu Kaisen officially and for free on both Viz Media and Manga Plus. Of course, you could also read the series through the recently launched Manga Plus app. Please try to read the series officially, as this supports both the author and allows them to create more stories.

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