Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 230 Spoilers: The Battle of The Masterminds

It is that time of the week again when spoilers for the next chapters of Weekly Shounen Jump magazine start circulating around the internet.

The official release of chapter 230 of Jujutsu Kaisen is right around the corner, and fans have started some fiery debates over Twitter, including other social media. The chapter is officially slated to release on Monday, 31st July 2023.

The tension and suspense in the fight between Gojo and Sukuna have increased as both of them are the strongest in the series. But who will claim ‘The Strongest’ title?

As of now, the spoilers for Jujutsu Kaisen chapter 230 have been released and have created a buzz on the internet. Before we dive into the spoilers for chapter 230, here is a short recap of chapter 229.

Chapter 229 Recap

Chapter 229 starts off with the deadly battle between Gojo and Sukuna. Gojo, who is badly injured, heals himself with the help of reversed cursed technique.

Kusukabe and Shoko are spectating the battle, believing that Gojo can certainly win if he activates his ‘Unlimited Void’ within the range of Sukuna. Shoko also explains that if Sukuna’s shrine falls under three minutes, Gojo will win.

Chapter 229 was full of chaotic action. Gojo and Sukuna kept destroying and recasting their domain, but Sukuna was slower than Gojo, which gave him an upper hand. Gojo manages to activate his ‘Unlimited Void’ within reach of Sukuna, making him stunned.

But Gojo was not letting Sukuna die that easily, as his main goal was to reduce his physical state instead of destroying it instantly. The chapter ends at the last second when Sukuna manages to use his trump card, The Mahoraga.

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Chapter 230 spoilers

Chapter 230 continues right from the end of Chapter 229. Chapter 230 begins with Mei Mei explaining what Mahoraga is, the trump card of the Zenin clan. Choso also explains that Mahoraga is known for its learning capabilities, adapting to any type of attack quickly.

Yuji is worried that Mahoraga will adapt to the ‘Unlimited Void’ of Gojo, and right after that, the manga cuts to the battle between Sukuna and Gojo. We see Sukuna moving, confirming that Gojo’s void has been destroyed, but not actually by Mahoraga.

Sukuna made the burden of Unlimited Void effect on Megumi’s soul inside of him. Gojo laughs it off that he is making Sukuna fight desperately.

Gojo explains that Megumi’s soul has not adapted to Unlimited Void but is currently in the process of it. At this point, Gojo has no choice but to one-shot the Mahoraga. Sukuna laughs at Gojo and says that Gojo is not able to expand his domain again.

Gojo gets a nosebleed, worrying everyone spectating their battle. Sukuna says that Gojo overexerted himself in the battle when he recovered from the Cursed Technique using Reversed Curse Technique.

Sukuna asks Gojo, “You are reaching your limit, right?” and proceeds to close the domain so Gojo now can’t escape. While his nose is constantly bleeding, Gojo falls onto his knees, and Sukuna replies, “See ya, strongest. A guy that was born when I didn’t exist. An ordinary guy.”

Sukuna tries to open his domain once again, but fortunately, his Malevolent Shrine immediately gets destroyed, and Sukuna starts to bleed.

Sukuna’s brain took significant damage from the effect of the Unlimited Void of Gojo, which was not even opened for ten seconds. Gojo starts laughing hysterically at Sukuna, and points at Mei Mei’s crow, and says, “My students are still watching; I’m still gonna look cool.”

Gojo pulls Sukuna towards himself and manages to land the heaviest punch possible on his face. The chapter ends right after, with the announcement of no scheduled break next week.

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