Jujutsu Kaisen: Mahoraga – The Divine General Shikigami, Explained

Episode 17 of Jujutsu Kaisen Season 2 introduced a shikigami, which might be too powerful for even the strongest sorcerers to control.

Jujutsu Kaissen Season 2: Mahoraga - The Divine General Shikigami, Explained

After having no chance of survival against Shigemo, Megumi played his trump card and summoned Mahoraga. a shikigami that the wielder cannot control.

As soon as this beast was summoned, it knocked down Megumi and charged towards Shigemo. Sukuna came in time to save them after leaving Uraume and fought Mahoraga himself.

After a hardcore fight, Mahoraga was overwhelmed by Sukuna’s Domain Expansion and flame-cursed technique and died.

Who is Mahoraga, and How Is It Summoned?

Jujutsu Kaissen Season 2: Mahoraga - The Divine General Shikigami, Explained

“Mahoraga,” also known as “Eight-Handled Sword Divergent Sila Divine General,” is one of the shikigami belonging to a person who uses the “Ten Shadow Technique.”

Ten Shadow Technique is a cursed technique inherited by people in the Zenin clan, one of the most dangerous clans in the Jujutsu Kaisen world.

What separates Mahoraga from the other Ten Shadow Shikigami is the fact that it cannot be controlled. Throughout history, no record of any person taming this wild beast exists.

Mahoraga cannot be summoned with hand signs, as it requires a ritual to be summoned into this world. The opponent can also be added to this ritual if they stand near the summoner.

After completing the ritual circle, the summoner recites, “With this treasure, I summon… Eight-Handled Sword, Divergent Sila Divine General, Mahoraga,” and the shikigami arrives.

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Appearance of Mahoraga

Jujutsu Kaissen Season 2: Mahoraga - The Divine General Shikigami, Explained

“Mahoraga” looks like a gigantic human, with four wings extending from its eye sockets. The back side of its head has a long tail-like extension.

On top of its head is a sizeable eight-handled wheel, and its lower bottom is covered by hakama bottoms (traditional Japanese trousers).

Mahoraga’s whole body is pale white and has a metal chain design on this collarbone region.

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Cursed Technique of Mahoraga

Jujutsu Kaissen Season 2: Mahoraga - The Divine General Shikigami, Explained

Mahoraga’s adaptation ability is its cursed technique, which becomes possible due to its eight-handled wheel.

When an attack hits Mahoraga, the wheel turns, thus adapting its whole body to that particular ability. During his fight with Sukuna, Sukuna’s “Dismantle” technique was useless against him due to this reason.

Mahoraga also has a cursed tool, the “Sword of Extermination,” attached to its right hand. This cursed tool is comparable to a special-grade cursed tool (for instance, the Playful Cloud used by Maki Zenin).

The Sword of Extermination is covered with positive energy, thus being powerful against negative energy (cursed spirits). Sukuna was overwhelmed by this weapon during their battle.

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Will Mahoraga Return in the Future? (SPOILER!)

After being defeated by Sukuna in the Shibuya Arc, Mahoraga will return on two instances.

First, during the Culling Games Arc, it will be summoned by Sukuna (as his host in this arc is changed from Itadori to Megumi) against Yorozu, who reincarnated into the body of Tsumiki (Megumi’s sister).

Second, during the Shinjuku Showdown Arc, it will be summoned against Gojo Satoru (after he has been freed from Prism Realm).

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