Jujutsu Kaisen Manga Translator Sentenced to 10 Years in Prison

Disturbing news about Jujutsu Kaisen has been circling around the various platforms lately. Fortunately, it is not directly about anime or manga. But rather, it is about the disgusting truth behind one of the people behind this top-tier manga.

Itadori in Jujutsu Kaisen

Stefan Koza, a former Jujutsu Kaisen manga translator, was found guilty of 8 counts of child po*nography.

The Fairfax County Circuit Court of Virginia announced last April 26 that Koza, 36 years old, has received his sentence. Koza will serve ten years in prison for each of the eight counts.

Koza will serve ten years concurrently instead of 80, and his sentence also included a suspension for 7 years.

Further Detail About Koza’s Sentence

Stefan Koza is required to register himself in the s*x offender registry of the State of Virginia.

He will also be in strict supervised probation, and will not be given the luxury to possess any type of devices.

This includes gadgets with internet access or devices that can be used for recording, such as cameras.

The court even required the former manga translator to attend mental health counselling through s*x offender therapy and has to pay all the fees related to the case.

Koza was arrested in December 2020 because of a suspiciously possessing and distributing child po*nography.

Through the Virginia’s Herndon Police Department’s thorough investigation in collaboration with the Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC) Taskforce, Stefan Koza’s arrest was possible. .

The police reports and court records states that on December 2020 policed arrived at Koza’s household with a warrant.

However, Koza tried to escape his crimes by discarding some parts of his computer with child po**ography content downloaded through the BitTorrent network.

Koza went through the basement to hid the evidences in a wooden lot, but was unsuccessful. Police officers then questioned him why he went to the woods to dispose of the evidence, which he said was because he was nervous and in panic.

Stefan Koza was released on recognizance, which did not required him to pay any amount of bound, but had to make him sign an agreement with a promise to appear in court on December 15, 2020.

Viz Media then confirmed via Anime News Network that Koza has stopped working for the company after its arrest.

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Koza’s Previous Arrest in 2014

Stefan Koza’s arrest in the United States of America isn’t his first time. In 2014, Koza was again arrested under the suspicion of trespassing and recording in an elementary all-girl school’s dressing room.

He was arrested on July 15 after the Kami school filed a complaint against their former assistant language teacher (ALT) who taught with them in August of 2009.

Japanese officials gave him a three-year probation and was ordered by the court to move back to the United States of America.

Fans Shared Their Frustrations

Following his arrest, fans cannot help but to express their disappointment feelings about the news. Many of Jujutsu Kaisen fans shared how much they were disgusted and disbelief regarding one of the staffs behind their favourite anime and manga:

The case of Stefan Koza serves as a reminder for everyone to utmost prioritize the protection of those in the vulnerable sector of society, particularly children.

Koza’s arrest is a constant reminder, not only for Otakus or fans of the series he used to belong to, but for everyone to raise their awareness on the significance of abolishing any form of child ab*se.

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