Jujutsu Kaisen Season 2: Is Megumi Dead?

The recent episode of of Jujutsu Kaisen Season 2 came with its surprises, as one of the main characters might be on the brink of death.

Jujutsu Kaisen Season 2: Is Megumi Dead? Explained

After his heated battle with Toji, Megumi was confused about the conclusion of this battle, as Toji took his own life after asking Megumi his name.

Despite the confusion, Megumi started looking around for Ieri, as he had suffered many injuries during his battle with Toji.

As he is looking around, Megumi gets slashed behind his back by Shigemo. Shigemo somehow survived Nanami’s wrath and is now trying to kill Megumi with his pathetic moves.

But later in the episode, we see Megumi with a busted head, as if he is no longer alive. At the same time, Shigemo is scared to death of something standing before him.

Is Megumi Dead?

Despite being stabbed by Toji and slashed by Shigemo, Megumi is not dead. He is currently in a state of suspended death, which needs immediate medical attention.

This relates to the episode’s climax, as Shigemo is begging Megumi to wake up because a humungous monster is approaching him.

This is most probably a shikigami that Megumi summoned before going into a state of suspended death. But what is this shikigami?

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Who is this Shikigami? (SPOILERS!)

Jujutsu Kaisen Season 2: Is Megumi Dead? Explained

After Megumi got slashed by Shigemo, he stood up to fight back against him. But he has no physical strength left to fight.

So, Megumi decides to take a risk and summon a shinigami that is impossible to defeat. He had a discussion with Gojo about this shikigami and how only a person who possesses the “ten shadow technique” can summon it.

So, he uses Shigemo as a ritual partner and summons Mahoraga, the Eight-Handled Sword Divergent Sila Divine General. He is the strongest shikigami, and no one has ever defeated it.

This was the last card Megumi could play, as Mahoraga was undefeatable, so Shigemo could not get out of this fight alive.

As summoned, it knocks out Megumi with a single blow and goes for Shigemo.

The Future of Fushigoro Megumi (SPOILERS!)

As Shigemo is about to be attacked by Mahoraga, Sukuna arrives in time to save him and Megumi. He heals Megumi so that he at least escapes the suspended death situation.

He also tells Fushigoro not to die so soon, as if he has some use for him in the future. It turns out Sukuna is planning to keep him alive so that he can use him as a vessel instead of Itadori.

This happens later in the “Culling Game Arc” when Sukuna takes over Itadori’s body due to a binding vow they made in secret.

After taking over his body, Sukuna takes one of his fingers from Itadori and feeds it to Megumi. Sukuna eventually takes over Megumi’s body, as Itadori is no longer the vessel for him.

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What are your thoughts on this? Do you think Sukuna will win against such a strong shinigami? Let us know in the comments below.

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