Jujutsu Kaisen: Who Exactly Is Yuji’s Brother, Choso? – Explained

Jujutsu Kaisen anime introduced a new character in season 2, who goes by the name of Choso and is a blood relative of Yuji Itadori but there is a twist.

yuji itadori's brother

Playing the role of an antagonist, Choso has allied with Kenjaku and the other cursed spirits who are responsible for the Shibuya incident.

Choso’s primary objective is to make sure that Yuji Itadori and Nobara Kugisaki meet their demise.

There is a lot to Choso other than just being a cursed spirit. Even though he is a supporting character, his significance will only increase in the upcoming seasons of Jujutsu Kaisen.

Mystery Behind Choso’s Origins:

choso birth jujutsu kaisen

Choso is a special grade curse who was conceived along with 8 brothers with him being the oldest. The event of his birth took place 150 years ago.

Kenjaku, who at that time was controlling Noritoshi Kamo’s body, performed several experiments on a woman, resulting in 9 pregnancies and nine abortions.

Kenjaku had injected his blood in some of the wombs which led to Choso and his brothers gaining blood manipulation abilities, and they were collectively known as the Cursed Womb: Death Painting.

However, soon after their birth, all of them were confiscated by the jujutsu academy and preserved in a curse-limiting fluid.

Due to the curse limiting fluid, the only thing they were able to sense was the presence of each other, which resulted in Choso having a strong bond with his other brothers.

choso brothers

Choso alongside Kechizu and Eso were the only ones among the 9 brothers who made it out alive. Nevertheless, this reunion remained a short while as both Kechizu and Eso were exorcised by Yuji and Nobara.

Left alone, Chose teamed up with Kenjaku, not aware that Kenjaku was his father, with the goal of seeking revenge against Itadori and Nobara.

Even though he possesses a human body and is often termed as half-human and half-cursed spirit, he still falls in the category of special grade, as his powers exceed those of a first-grade sorcerer.

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How powerful is Choso?


Kenjaku injected his blood into some of the cursed wombs, resulting in these three brothers inheriting the cursed technique of blood manipulation.

Choso had honed his blood manipulation skills for 150 years, surpassing even the current Kamo clan heir.

What makes Choso incredibly strong is the absence of weaknesses in his cursed technique. 

While most blood manipulators grapple with issues such as anemia (blood loss) and blood clots, Choso has the ability to convert his cursed energy directly into blood. This makes it almost impossible for him to suffer from blood loss.

He can improve the blood flow in his body by increasing the number of red blood cells, allowing Choso to gain an incredible amount of strength and agility, to the point where he can keep up with Yuji on his own.

choso manga

Choso can harden blood, enabling him to either shoot it as a projectile or harden specific body parts for better defense.

Another formidable ability he possesses is the control of blood flow outside his body. He can convert his blood into various forms, including a sword.

He has also mastered slicing exorcism, which involves spraying a stream of blood so sharp that it can easily slice through opponents.

Similar to his brother’s technique, Choso’s blood is poisonous, quickly draining the strength and stamina of his victims, rendering them ultimately useless.

In summary, Choso’s blood manipulation makes him the strongest not only among his brothers but also among the members of the Kamo clan, who are considered pioneers of blood manipulation.

Choso was prepared to put everything on the line in his battle against Yuji, the sorcerer who had exorcised his beloved brothers, while being completely unaware of the events that lay ahead.

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Are Yuji and Choso related to each other? 

After successfully trapping Gojo in the prison realm, Choso sets out to find Yuji in order to avenge his fallen brothers. Little did he know that this encounter would drastically change his life.

Yuji Itadori was Kenjaku’s last experiment, an attempt to create a human/curse anomaly, much like how Kenjaku controlled Noritoshi Kamo’s body to create Choso and his eight brothers.

Since Kenjaku was responsible for both Choso and Yuji’s births, they can be considered half-brothers.

Previously, Itadori had unknowingly killed his other two brothers. The battle between Choso and Itadori became one of the main highlights of the Shibuya arc.

choso vs  yuji

Amid their fight, Choso began to overwhelm Yuji, using his blood manipulation to his advantage. After several exchanges and a closely contested battle, Choso emerged as the victor.

He was about to deliver the final blow to Yuji to avenge his fallen brothers when Choso had a sudden flashback. In this vision, Choso, Yuji, and his two other brothers were having a friendly dinner.

choso, yuji and brothers

This memory helped Choso realize who Itadori truly was and how they were related.

With Yuji being the only brother left, Choso resolved to protect him in the ongoing incident, with a plan to eventually confront Kenjaku, who had manipulated Choso into almost killing his younger brother.

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Choso being the former antagonist now turned into an ally, this change in events will greatly favor the sorcerers in the future.

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