Kagurabachi: Have Manga Fans Found The Next Big Shonen Series?

At a time when the art of manga seems to be regressing, even some of the popular manga series released today are affected by the demanding schedules, causing the quality of their art to diminish from what it once was.

kagurabachi manga

However, amidst this, a new manga series has surfaced. Not only does it offer a plot line that Shonen fans are relishing, but its high-quality art is also a refreshing change. Based on the initial reviews of its first chapter, it’s poised to become the next big sensation in the Shonen manga realm.

The manga “Kagurabachi” is both written and illustrated by Hokazono Takeru. He’s penned several one-shot manga previously, like “Enten,” which earned him the 100th Tezuka Manga Award. This is his first serialized work, and the passion and energy he brings are evident in the art’s quality.

What Is Kagurabachi About?

“Kagurabachi” explores the revenge tale of a young swordsman named Chihiro. He spent his early days training under his father, aspiring to become a great swordsmith like him.

But tragedy strikes, taking his father’s life. Before his passing, he gifts Chihiro a unique sword, one infused with sorcery and immense power. Now, with this sword in hand, Chihiro’s sole mission is to avenge his father.

The setting is 1950s Japan, where the city’s underbelly is ruled by the Yakuza, backed by a powerful sorcerer clan. This very clan is behind the tragic fate of Chihiro’s father.

Chihiro’s quest is to uncover the location of these sorcerers and eventually get his sweet revenge, which means confronting the city’s Yakuza.

The Hype

Even before its official release, “Kagurabachi” was generating buzz on social media. Some of this can be attributed to fans drawing comparisons with renowned series like “One Piece” and “Boruto,” helping it reach a wider audience.

This unexpected attention has been beneficial for “Kagurabachi.” On Shuiesha’s Manga Plus app, it’s quickly climbed to the Top 16 hottest manga. Google searches for the series have also seen a significant uptick.

Now that “One Piece” is in its final saga, “Jujutsu Kaisen” manga is nearing its conclusion, and “Black Clover” will be releasing one chapter every three months, Shueisha is undoubtedly on the lookout for new mangas to fill this void. “Kagurabachi” might just be one of those manga that Shueisha is placing its bets on.

You can check out the first chapter on the Manga Plus app or website (it’s free). If you’ve already read it, share your thoughts.

Whether “Kagurabachi” will cement its place as the next big shonen series is yet to be seen. The real challenge now lies with Hokazono Takeru. With the stage set, he must continue to craft a compelling story that keeps readers hooked.

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