Kakegurui Author and The Promised Neverland Illustrator Are Collaborating on a New Manga

Another masterpiece will once again grace the list of mangas to anticipate and read for Posuka Demizu, The Promise Neverland illustrator, and Homura Kawamoto, the author behind Kakegurui, and Hikaru Muna, the writer behind High Card, will be releasing a new manga.

promised neverland artist new manga

Three of the most well-known artists behind popular shows or mangas are again aiming to create a new story that will entertain their fans like no other.

Posuka Demizu, one of the brilliant minds behind The Promise Neverland, is recognized for her talent as an illustrator, manga artist, and designer.

On the one hand, Homura Kawamoto is the person behind the thrilling and unforgettable, Kakegurui – Compulsive Gambler, which he launched in 2014, and has pulled a lot of anime fans into watching gambling anime since because of its massive success.

Hence, the chances of their collaboration becoming a complete success is high. 

New Manga Details

In the June issue of Corocoro Comic magazine, the announcement of Demizu, Kawamoto, and Muna starting a manga about Beyblade has been released.

Through the said issue, they even gave a brief tease for the fans to know what is coming by publishing a full-color preview of the anticipated 70 pages of Beyblade manga.

promised neverland artist new beyblade x manga

Beyblade X manga will centre on the life of a boy who dreams of someday becoming a professional Beyblade player.

At such a young age, he is completely aware of what he wants and where he wants to go, and that is none other than Tower X – the place where all professional beyblade players gather to fight.

The manga is set to be serialized in the Corocoro Comic issue 7/2023 next month on June 15 with the title Beyblade X.

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