Kengan Omega Chapter 231: Expectations and Release Date

Kengan Omega is progressing much faster than its prequel, Kengan Ashura, with fast-paced fights and the fighters having more in-depth, detailed fighting styles.

Since the beginning of the series, we have been introduced to a handful of new characters and welcomed by the old characters.

Kengan Omega chapter 231

The fight between Kaneda and Hatsumi is taking quite a turn, and the mystery behind the Death Dealers PMC is yet to be revealed.

This standard Kengan battle is under security by the Death Dealers, which might be a sign of what is coming.

Kengan Omega chapter 231 is on its way and is scheduled to be released next week on Wednesday, October 11, 2023. As the spoilers have not arrived, here are some things you can expect from the next chapter of Kengan Omega.

Kaneda vs. Hatsumi’s Conclusion (Possibly)

Kengan Omega Chapter 231

The battle between these two legendary fighters from the Kengan tournaments kicked off a few chapters ago, and the current conclusion is somewhat uncertain.

Both are known for their agility and carefully adapting to the situation.

Kaneda made his first move on Hatsumi, giving him an upper hand at the beginning of their match. They are progressing slowly, but both are pointing at each other’s throats, and one is bound to defeat someone soon.

If we keep the previous battles’ pace in mind, it might be possible for the battle to reach a conclusion as fast as in the next chapter.

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Death Dealers Motives (Likely)

Kengan Omega Chapter 231

As the battle between the two legendary fighters began, one more thing was revealed alongside them.

The world-famous Private Military Company known as the ‘Death Dealers’ are in Japan and are now being used as security for Kengan tournaments.

But no one knows why they are helping the Kengan association and currently residing in Japan. Their infamous leader allegedly stays in Japan for the time being, confirming that they have a secret base in Japan.

Death Dealers are known for their relentless soldiers, who are set to get their hands dirty if their clients will pray for their price. Currently, Death Dealers are fighting The Worm in Argentina.

Reveal of The CEO of Death Dealers (?)

Kengan Omega Chapter 231

With the PMC arriving in Japan, there might be a chance that the man behind the army will be revealed in the next chapter.

The leader of Death Dealers always keeps his real identity safe and refrains from going outside to meet individuals.

As the leader is in Japan and working with the Kengan Association, he might have a plan regarding the Kengan Association and will have his real identity revealed!

Kengan Omega chapter 231 will be officially available for fans worldwide to read on Comickey’s website in English.

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