Dandadan Chapter 124: Expectations and Release Date

Dandadan is known for its quirky characters and zany world-building, and most importantly, the central characters duo, Okarun and Momo.

Following their daily adventures focused on Yokai and spiritual beings, Dandadan has proved to become one of the best manga of the new generation.

At the end of chapter 123, it seems that the class representative of Okarun’s class has noticed him turning into a yokai. And now, she is intrigued enough to gather her guts and ask him about it directly on his face.

It was a moment that no one could predict to happen, and it seems that the class rep is much deeper into their Yokai research agenda than anyone thought.

Dandadan chapter 124 is set to be released on October 9, 2023!

With the manga being published in an online magazine by Suiesha, the spoilers are impossible to leak. Here are some expectations of the next chapter of the manga series that have a high possibility of happening in chapter 124.

The Connection of The Yokai with Class Rep (Unveil)

Although the class rep never showed signs of connection with any yokai, she has been quiet for a long time.

According to her, as soon as she picked up the family jewel (Golden Ball), it felt like something had started living on her back.

By the end of the chapter, the yokai on her back revealed itself, and the class rep collapsed as it drained her energy for a while.

The yokai quite likely has a reason to attach itself to the class rep’s back, as everyone who is attracted by a yokai has a connection with them.

You can expect Tatsu-sensei to reveal the main motive and the identity of the yokai on the back of the class rep.

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Momo and Okarun’s Confession (Possible)

Something that is bound to happen in the series as Tatsu-sensei is now playing with the heads of the fandom.

Momo and Okarun have witnessed enough steamy moments together, and their confusion might be around the corner.

Both of them are crazy for each other, but there is a hunch.

Momo wants Okarun to make the first move, but as with Okarun’s personality, he is anxious about Momo’s feelings and wants to be sure first, and cannot bring his courage up.

Even with the recent chapter of the series, Momo is still thinking about how Okarun will confess to him and how she will accept him in one second.

The Return of Reiko (Likely)

The end of the previous arc left us with many questions, and the series has yet to answer them. One of the significant concerns is Reiko.

She left the human dimension to return to her mirror world without explanation.

A few chapters later, she returned and warned Momo to confess to Okarun first, or she would take him away from Momo.

Believe it or not, her primary motive is still unclear, but so far, it has been revealed that his lover in the past life died in a war.

Reiko might make a return and reveal her ulterior motive, as there are still a lot of questions about her left to answer.

Hopefully, Tatsu-sensei will answer all the questions as he always fills the gap between the plots.

Dandadan chapter 124 will be available to read on the Manga Plus app and website. Every brand-new chapter will be available as soon as it is released!

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