Komi Can’t Communicate Live Action Series Trailer Revealed

Updated on September 12th, 2021

Many anime fans are eagerly waiting for Komi Can’t Communicate anime release, a live action adaptation of the series will be released in Japan on Sept 3, 2021.

Komi Can’t Communicate live action adaptation will be 8 episode long series which is scheduled to be released on Sept 6 on NHK General TV at 10:45 JST. For subbed version of the live action, nothing has been announced yet. Given the popularity of franchise, it is highly likely that Netflix will get streaming rights for international viewers.

Here is the trailer (promotional video) that was released today:

Plot And Cast

Komi Can’t Communicate will adapt the manga series, although from the looks of the trailer it is unclear whether the series will follow the manga chapter by chapter or not. Here is the synopsis of the series:

On her first day attending the elite Private High School, Komi immediately receives an overwhelming surge in popularity due to her beauty and refined elegance. However, only Hitohito Tadano, an exceedingly average schoolboy assigned to the seat next to hers, is able to have the opportunity to discover that, behind herĀ appearance, Komi has serious issues in communicating with others. Tadano decided to help Komi on her quest to find 100 friends

Live action adaptation will have two leading roles which will be:

  • Shoko Komi will be played by Elaiza Ikeda
  • Hitohito Tadano will be played by Takahisa Masuda

Komi Can’t Communicate anime series is scheduled for Oct 6, just 1 month before the live action series.

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