Komi-San Fans Criticize Netflix For Lack Of Subtitles

For those waiting on the arrival of Komi-San WA Komyushou Desu, known to English fans as Komi Can’t Communicate, on Netflix, the wait is finally over! However, not everything is as joyous as it seems, seeing as how many fans have already begun to criticize the streaming giant for its lack of subtitles.

Twitter user @AnimeFlyz was the one to first point out many of the missing subtitles, comparing Netflix’s version and an online fansubbing. Despite it being an important scene of the two main characters “talking” to each other, Netflix did not add the translations that were seen on screen and the blackboard.

Fan Subbed

Netflix Subbed

Although this may have been done to not saturate the episode with too much text, the viewers of the series still have a valid reason to complain since they are losing the context and understanding of these scenes. Tell us, have you seen the first episode of Komi-san on Netflix? What are your thoughts on the issue, do you think Netflix should translate all of these scenes? Let us know your opinions in the comments below.

The manga for the series Komi-san wa Komyushou Desu is penned under the same name and is written and illustrated by Tomohito Oda. The series began as a one-shot in September of 2015 and was serialized in May 2016 by Shuukan Shounen Sunday, since then it has released 326 chapters and just a few weeks ago it was announced that the manga had reached 5.5 million copies in circulation.

Komi becomes pretty popular in her new school thanks to her silky hair and smooth skin. But she has problems communicating with others. One boy who finds out about Komi’s situation decides to help her get atleast 100 friends.

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