Leaked Titles for Live-Action One Piece Episodes Emerge on Twitter

Netflix is set to release its highly anticipated One Piece live-action series on August 31, 2023. The first glimpse of the series was revealed to fans during Netflix’s Tudum event in Brazil, where the debut teaser trailer was unveiled, presenting the backdrop of the One Piece live-action adaptation.

one piece live action usopp

Despite widespread speculation about the quality of this adaptation, the initial response to the teaser trailer has been overwhelmingly positive.

One Piece fans have heightened expectations for this adaptation, largely due to the significant involvement of the manga series’ creator, Eiichiro Oda.

Oda has passionately articulated his view that this live-action adaptation presents a pivotal opportunity for One Piece to gain worldwide recognition.

As the release date steadily approaches, new information regarding the series is progressively being divulged via either the official Netflix account or through leaks.

Recently, titles of live-action episodes have made their way onto social media platforms. These titles were disseminated by Twitter user @OP_Netflix_Fan. The live-action series is estimated to comprise eight episodes, the titles of which are as follows, albeit not necessarily in their airing sequence:

  • 1 – “Romance Dawn”
  • 2 – “Pirates are Coming”
  • 3 – “Tell No Tales”
  • 4 – “The Chef and the Chore Boy”
  • 5 – “Eat at Baratie”
  • 6 – “Worst in the East”
  • 7 – “Girl with the Sawfish”
  • 8 – “Man in Strawhat”

The first season will show how characters like Zoro, Sanji, Nami, and Usopp join the crew. It’s likely to end with a big fight where Luffy faces off against Arlong. The first episode is called “Romance Dawn.”

One Piece is an exciting series that follows the adventures of a young boy named Luffy, who dreams of becoming the King of Pirates. Luffy has a unique ability, which allows him to stretch his arms and legs like rubber. Along his journey, he’s joined by a variety of crewmates, each with their own dreams and goals to achieve.

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