Luffy’s Gear 5th Could Be Shown In The One Piece Film Red

One Piece fans are anxiously waiting for One Piece film red to be released in cinemas. After all, one of the most mysterious characters from the franchise, Shanks will present in the movie alongside his daughter. But there might be even a bigger surprise waiting for the fans in the film and that is Luffy’s Gear 5.

According to a One Piece film red poster shared on Twitter, Luffy can be seen in his latest God Nika form (also called Gear 5), and fans are speculating that Gear 5 might be introduced in the film Red. Keep in mind that the first appearance of Gear 5 is still 8 to 9 months away in the anime series.

This won’t be the first time Luffy’s new power up was introduced via a non canon film. Luffy’s Gear 2nd was teased in movie 7 even before making an appearance in the anime, Same goes for Gear 4th which debuted in a video game (burning blood) before anime series. Still, we have to wait for an official announcement to confirm this. One Piece film Red will release more information on June 8th, 2022.

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One Piece film RED is scheduled to release in cinemas on August 6 in Japan. As far as the worldwide release date is concerned, only France has announced the released on August 10, 2022, just 4 days after the Japanese premiere date.

The story of the film centers around Shank’s daughter, Uta, who is worlds renowned singer. Nobody, knows her identity despite her popularity. For the first time, she will appear in the public to perform a concert. All the Uta fans, including pirates have gathered for her concert. Luffy and his crew are also there to enjoy her performance. However, due to some incidents, it is revealed that she is Shanks daughter.

What do you think about this new One Piece Red poster? Do you think we will see Luffy’s Gear 5 in the film? Let us know your opinion in the comment section.

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