Makoto Shinkai’s New Sci-fi Film Announced For Fall 2022

Your Name, Weathering With You film director, Makoto Shinkai announced that his new film will be released in Fall 2022. The film is titled Suzume no Tojimari.

On Wednesday, Dec 15, via his Twitter account, Makoto Shinkai shared the first poster of his upcoming film. It is a sci-fi disaster film, which will be revealed in Fall 2022.


Suzume no Tojimari is a road film, featuring a 17 year old girl, Suzume, who lives in Kyushu. The story begins with the encounter between her and a young man looking for a mysterious door. Suzume follows the boy on his journey to find that door, and they find it in a ruin of the mountain. Suzume gets drawn to the door, and ends up opening it.

After opening the mysterious door, other doors start appearing in different part of Japan. Disasters come from the other side of the door. Only way to stop these disasters is to close the doors. This is Suzume’s journey of closing these open doors.


Makoto Shinkai is in charge of the writing, screenplay, and as a director. For other staff members, the character design is by Masayoshi Tanaka (also did Your Name, Weathering With You), the animation director is Kenichi Tsuchiya, who was the character designer and animation director in “The Garden of Words”, and the art director has many works by Shinkai. Mr. Takumi Tanji, who has continued to support, is in charge.

Role Staff
Creator, Director, Script WriterMakoto Shinkai
Animation DirectorKenichi Tsuchiya 
Art DirectorTakumi Tanji
StudioCoMix Wave Films
Character DesignMasayoshi Tanaka 

Source: Twitter

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