Man Breaks Up With Girlfriend After She Threw Away His Anime Figures Worth $3400

Updated on January 22nd, 2021

We all have our favourite anime and favourite characters. After the recent popularity of Demon Slayer franchise, it has become one of the favourite anime of so many fans.

To show support and love to their favourite characters, some fans buy anime merchandise including figurine. Sometimes this hobby gets in the way of relationship as well.

Same was the case for a Taiwanese man who was collecting Nezuko figurines for a long time. Though his girlfriend did not liked him watching anime and collecting figurines all the time.

One day when he was out of the house for couple of days, girlfriend took the opportunity to throw away his anime figurines in the garbage.

When the man came back and asked about the figurines, she replied that they were taking so much space so she threw them away in a garbage can.

Here’s what he posted in his post:

I came back home after two days and broke up with my girlfriend who threw away Nezuko’s figurines

Let’s not forget that some of these figurines have been with me for a long time

Do you know how much that big pile of

figurines are worth?

Hundreds of Thousands

That’s what I have been working hard for years and you threw them in the garbage truck

I know you did not like me when we started dating. I am a man who loves anime and you don’t.

I don’t care if you watch Korean drama all day. Is it hard to that while respecting each others choice?

Do you know my heart is bleeding? Thinking about my figurines being burned to ashes

Do you think it is just a breakup? I am collecting evidence right now and we will go to court to take care of this matter

As much as this sounds amusing, this was a lifetime collection of someone and it was worth a lot of money. Let us hope that he gets his money back but that will not compensate for valuables that he has lost.

Source: World of Buzz

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