Man throws stolen underwear into women house as a hobby

Japan is a land of Rising Sun. Although Japan is famous for its politeness and anime, it is also notorious for weird fetishes. We often hear about some very unique crime that occurred in Japan. Something similar happened in Takasago City, Hyogo Prefecture, where a 67 year old man was arrested for throwing stolen underwear into the balcony of the women’s house.

Luckily a security camera captured the whole incident that occurred on June 29th. An old man was riding on a bicycle through a residential area at 9 PM. In his left hand, you can see that he has a black undergarment, which he throws over the balcony of the young women’s house.

After some time, the women realize what had happened and quickly informs her father about the incident. “Dad, call the police, someone left the women underwear in the garden.

During the investigation, police were able to connect the criminal act with a similar complaint on that day. A 41 year old woman earlier registered a complaint that someone entered her house and stolen her clothes from the cloth line.

With the help of other people and some security camera recordings, police were able to identify the culprit and shortly after he was arrested. During the investigation, he admitted to his crime and said that he did this as a personal hobby.

Source: Yahoo News

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