Man Wearing Ahegao Hoodie Goes Viral For Helping Ukrainanian Refugees

The war between Russia and Ukraine is still going on, and millions of Ukrainian have fled to neighboring countries for shelter. Poland is one of the Ukraine’s neighboring country, who has been helping Ukrainanian Refugees a lot. Recently, a video went viral where a man wearing Ahegao hoodie can be seen helping carrying supplies for Refugees.

Ahegao is a Japanese term for the facial expression that a person makes in extreme pleasure. Ahegao hoodies are pretty popular among Otakus, however, almost nobody dares to wear them in public. That is why this incident was quite unique when an Otaku was seen wearing an Aheagao hoodie in public.

ITV Reporter, Katie Oscroft, shared a video where we can see people helping out carrying supplies (arrived from UK to Poland) for Ukrainian Refugees.

In the video, you can see a man from Poland wearing aheago hoodie with pride, and not caring about what others around him will think. The video has already gotten more than 1 million views. Here are some of the replies to this Tweet from Otakus:

This guy did not think he was being filmed today.

The world stopped making sense a while ago…

A lot of people (myself included) would never be caught dead wearing that hoodie, but props to him for helping out regardless. And frankly, he’s more of a man that Putin will ever be

tbh i kinda don’t care that he’s wearing that, he’s out there helping out

Sorry babe the ahegao hoody stays on during the invasion

Why he thought wearing a aheago ON CAMERA is a good idea holy shit

My boy didn’t only went outside with the sacred hoodie but he also is being a volunteer to help Ukrainians. Otakus saving the world

As you can see from the comments, most of the fellow Otakus are supporting his gesture, some viewers are surprised that a news channel publicly posted this video with this Ahegao hoodie. What are your thoughts on wearing this kind of clothes publicly? Let us know your opinion in the comment section.

Source: Twitter

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