Mappa Studio Under Fire: Staff Reportedly Bound by NDAs to Keep Quiet on Work Conditions

Studi Mappa is under criticism after multiple animators have revealed the terrible work environment in the company.

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Jujutsu Kaisen’s second season is currently captivating audiences, especially with its highly-praised Shibuya arc.

Mappa Studio, the force behind the anime, is receiving widespread acclaim for its exceptional work.

However, recent social media activity from Mappa’s animators suggests that the studio’s internal conditions are far from ideal.

While the studio is being celebrated for delivering high-quality episodes, this doesn’t necessarily reflect how the staff is treated. Several animators have taken to Twitter to express their dissatisfaction with the work environment.

In a deleted tweet by animator JMulli02, he revealed, “Silencing the staff from talking about how atrocious the work conditions are is comically evil I don’t care at this point because yes, the schedule is beyond terrible the fact that work gets done at all with any level of competency is incredible.

I will not compromise my health for work that won’t even cover all of my rent, let alone any other expenses. My main job and my overall well-being mean more to me than the fear of being blacklisted.

It appears that some animators are so frustrated that they’re willing to break their NDAs to speak out. One animator @wuokb said “I have nothing to lose, so if you’re going to sue me for complaining, I’ll take it! ! ! !”.

Another animator, @vflmsppe, warned others against joining the studio if they aim to excel, stating “Where I am now, it’s basically a mess and I’m no good, so people who want to do their best shouldn’t get involved. If you want to do something random and get some money, this might be a good place.

Although it’s a bit of a mess, there are plenty of opportunities and notable works, so it might be good for newcomers to sell their names. But I think it’s better for people who want to do their best not to get involved.”

Yet another animator, @NobiliRoccia, lamented, “Really terrible situation right now…I wish schedules could be more feasible human for the staff.

Interestingly, these animators are not directly mentioning Mappa, likely due to the Non-Disclosure Agreement they’ve signed with Mappa.

However, if you look at previous Tweets from these animators, it’s clear that they are currently working on Jujutsu Kaisen anime.

The issue has caught the attention of fans as well, with one tweet discussing the situation receiving over 3.2 million views.

Mappa Studio is known for taking on multiple major projects at once, including Hell’s Paradise, Chainsaw Man, Attack on Titan Final Season, Vinland Saga, and Jujutsu Kaisen.

This is in contrast to other major studios like JC Staff and Madhouse, which usually work on two or three series at a time. There are even rumors that Mappa will be handling One Punch Man’s third season.

There are even rumors that Mappa will be handling One Punch Man’s third season.

The studio’s willingness to take on so many projects has led to speculation that they are trying to capitalize on the popularity of established manga series. But at what cost to their employees?

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In summary, while Mappa Studio continues to receive praise for its high-quality adaptations of popular manga series, the voices of its animators tell a different story.

The struggle behind the scenes raises questions about the sustainability of the anime industry itself, especially when the well-being of its creators is at stake.

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