Michael B. Jordan Recommends His Top 5 Anime For New Fans

Otaku Culture has become pretty broad these days as no one hesitates in mentioning that they indulged in Japanese cartoons and comics. People have now realised that anime and manga are diverse media suitable for people of every age. Anime and manga have also been used as inspiration in many other media. The best example, in this case, would be Berserk, which inspired the popular games Dark Souls and Elden Ring. But recently, a very popular American Actor brought to light his love for anime and even told us how anime is part of his latest movie.

Polygon, a popular media website, recently shared an interview with Michael B. Jordan about how his latest film, Creed III, has many scenes inspired by anime. This is also the first time Michael B. Jordan is working as a director for a movie.

Michael B. Jordan Recommends Anime Series for New People

Michael B. Jordan has never been shy about giving his opinion on manga and anime. So during his interview with Polygon, you can expect him to be confident and proud about everything he says about anime. He started by saying that he watches anime every day and that right now, he is enjoying Blue Lock anime.

The interview mainly consisted of Jordan speaking of his latest movie Creed III (which will be released in March 2023), and how it has many anime-inspired clips. The interviewer once asked Jordan how a punch scene during the fight between Adonis and Damian (characters of Creed III) was a Dragon Ball Z reference.

But he instantly corrected the interviewer by saying it was a Naruto Shippuden Reference. Jordan even told him that the punch scene was from episode 450 of Naruto Shippuden and that the story is about two brothers who resemble Sasuke and Naruto in many aspects.

Michael B. Jordan Recommends Anime Series for New People

When Jordan was asked how he knows when to insert a particular anime scene into the movie, he answered that every fight scene is engraved into his memory, on how uniquely it is depicted in the anime. Another Naruto reference in the movie is when Creed and Damian (The protagonist and antagonist of Creed III) are fighting in an empty stadium in their minds.

The interviewer interprets it as a reference from Jujutsu Kaisen (Domain Expansion). Still, Jordan corrects him that the Domain Expansion idea is also related, but the scene references Episode 328 of Naruto Shippuden when Sasuke enters Naruto’s subconscious and witnesses what beast he is holding inside him and then fights with Naruto.

Michael B. Jordan Recommends Anime Series for New People

Having a void where the main characters can fight in their subconscious appeals to Jordan, which he has used profusely in his movie.

Anime Recommendation for New Anime Fans

The interviewer asked if there was a person who knew nothing about anime, what would be his first five recommendations for them. Michael B. Jodan gave five recommendations on this:

  • One Piece
  • Dragon Ball (series)
  • Naruto (series)
  • Bleach
  • Hunter x Hunter

And he said, “this is a pretty good start in five (anime)”.

What are your thoughts on this? Do you think the recommendations Michael B. Jordan gave are best for someone who knows nothing about anime and manga? Let us know in the comment down below.

Source: Polygon

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