Mob Actually Goes ‘Psycho’, Destroys Everything Around Him

As Mob Psycho 100 season 3 reaches its climax, we see Mob loses it again and enters his berserk form for the third time since the series started and wrecks havoc. He only wants to meet Tsubomi as he is holding a flower bouquet and just marching towards her.

Mob Goes Berserk in Latest Episode; Destroys Everything he Touches

The latest episode of Mob Psycho 100 III made it into the headlines because of its mouth-watering animation and because Shigeo entered his berserk as he gets knocked unconscious after being hit by a car while trying to save a little boy.

Now, he is holding the flower bouquet and marching towards Tsubomi’s direction as he scheduled a meeting with her the other day. Everything he touches gets destroyed, and nothing can stop him!

Mob Goes Berserk in Latest Episode; Destroys Everything he Touches

What led to Mob going berserk?

In episode 9 of Mob Psycho 100 III, Mob consults everyone on whether he should confess to Tsubomi now as she is about to transfer to a new school, and this will be his last chance to get things done. During this, he suppresses his emotions as he cannot afford to buy something for Tsubomi. So, his explosion meter starts to increase.

As Mob is about to cross a road with a flower bouquet, he sees a boy who is playing video games on his phone while trying to cross the road. A car is directly coming towards the kid in high speed. Mob tries to save a boy from a car accident and gets hit by the car instead. As blood flows out of his head, ??? takes over his body and starts to do what Mob wanted, got to Tsubomi.

Mob Goes Berserk in Latest Episode; Destroys Everything he Touches

Mob’s most dangerous berserk form

We had seen Shigeo in this form two times before, when he fought Teruka Hanazawa for the first time and after defeating Mogami. But this time, he has completely lost it, and everything that is coming his way perishes.

Teruka tries to stop him when he senses Mob’s energy, but Mob destroys him in just a few hits. Although he manages to make Mob realize what he is doing, Mob still has no control over “???” so he gives up on stopping.

Mob Goes Berserk in Latest Episode; Destroys Everything he Touches

What is Mob’s ??? Form?

Mob can access several 100% Modes depending on his emotional condition, but one thing that intrigues fans is the strange ???% mode that we’ve seen a few times now. The anime series has not given us any details about this mysterious form.

Surprisingly, even Mob Psycho 100 manga series doesn’t go into detail about this godly power. A popular theory is that Mob was born with that power, just like Saitama from One Punch Man. Considering that both mangas are written by the same author, this might actually be the case.

Another popular theory states that there is another entity residing inside Mob’s body, which only comes out when Mob is unconscious. Whatever the case may be, the point is that the author doesn’t go into details about Mob’s power, and leaves it to the fans to speculate.

Toichiro Suzuki makes a return.

The antagonist of Mob Psycho 100 II and the leader of CLAW, Toichiro Suzuki, returns at the end of the episode as criminal espers are being sent towards Shigeo to stop him, and Toichiro is one of them. Other criminals try to overwhelm Toichiro, but he shuts everyone and does a Skyfall from the helicopter towards Mob to end his rage and maybe, take revenge.

Mob Goes Berserk in Latest Episode; Destroys Everything he Touches

So, what will be the fate of Mob? Will Soichiro be able to stop him, or will he also become part of the collateral damage, just like Teruka? Stay tuned till next Thursday to see what happens next!

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