Most Popular Fall 2021 Anime Among Female Audience In Japan

Published on November 30th, 2021

Light novel author, Rui Tsukiyo has a knack for writing stories which are popular among female anime fans. His previous series, Redo of Healer was one of the most popular series, among women, now, his new series “World’s Finest Assassin get reincarnated” is second most popular series among female audiences in Japan.

AbemaTV, which is a TV streaming website in Japnan, released the viewership of Fall 2021 anime series. The results were shown with respect to gender and age. These rankings are the result of viewership data gathered by first 6 episodes of all anime airing of AbemaTV.

Most Popular Series Among Teenage Women (Japan)

  • 1st. Demon Slayer: Mugen Train Arc
  • 2nd. World’s Finest Assassin gets reincarnated as an aristocrat
  • 3rd. Visual Prison
  • 4th. Mieruko Chan
  • 5th. Mushoku Tensei

It is understandable that Demon Slayer is at the top spot. World’s Finest Assassin is also very popular overseas. However, Visual Prison is a surprise to see on the 3rd spot, given that it is rarely talked about in the international anime community.

Most Popular Series Among Teenage Men (Japan)

  • 1st. World’s Finest Assassin gets reincarnated as an aristocrat
  • 2nd. Demon Slayer: Mugen Train Arc
  • 3rd. Mushoku Tensei
  • 4th. My Senpai is annoying
  • 5th. 86- Eigty Six 2nd Cour

Teenage boys have a slightly different taste from their counterparts. Mushoku Tensei jumps up to the 3rd spot, and 86-Eighty Six gets the well deserved 5th spot.

Source: AbemaTV

© AbemaTV, Inc. (C) 2021 Rui Tsukiyo / KADOKAWA / Assassination Aristocrat Production Committee

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