Mushoku Tensei Ep 3 Impressed Fans With Beautiful Animation

First of all, I want to praise the beautiful animation of Studio Bind. After the first episode, I thought animation can’t get any better for this anime but the quality keeps improving in each episode. You can literally see the dust particles flying around in the first part of the episode. Wonder Egg Priority and Mushoku Tensei are two of the best animated anime of this season.

Holy Relic & Rudy

The episode starts off with Rudy worshipping his “Holy Relic” and going out of his home for the first time. Outside he meets his new friend, he encounters Sylph being bull*ed and defends her from local kids who ganged up on her.

Credit: Studio Bind

Rudy quickly befriends Sylph, and part of their friendship focuses on Rudy teaching Sylph magic. Not just with a wand and incantations either, but also the way Rudy does without incantations. And even beyond using magic, the two don’t have any friends beside each other, which makes them grow close.


Things between Sylph and Rudy went well for so long is because Rudy thought Sylph was a boy. He never knew Sylph’s full name is Sylphiette, despite hanging out for over 6 months. They both get caught in heavy rain, and with that, Rudy invites Sylph in his home and pressures her to get into the bath. Remember that, when he does this, he is buck naked and questioning why Sylph is shy? which leads to Rudy first time seeing female private part.

Credit: Studio Bind

Rudy and Sylph made up after the blunder, where Rudy says to Sylph that he thought Sylph was a boy all along. Overall this episode had everything I had hoped for and more.

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