Mushoku Tensei Is Planned To Be A Long-Running Series

Published on February 2nd, 2021

Recently Mantan Web conducted an interview with the CEO of EGG Firm where he confirmed that Mushoku Tensei is planned to be a long running series like Sword Art Online and DanMachi.

Here is the rough translation to the questions asked by Mantan Web to the CEO and chief producer, Nobuhiro Osawa about the appeal of Mushoku Tensei.

What is the “Mushoku Tensei” story and its appeal?

The original work is a novel written by Mr. Rifujin na Magnotte, which was originally published on “Narou” and published by KADOKAWA’s MF Books. To put it bluntly, it’s about a 34-year-old virgin, unemployed, reclusive bum who gets reincarnated in another world and starts a new life as a boy named Rudeus.

I wasn’t familiar with this series, until about four years ago Mr. Ken Kaneda, the editor in chief of MF Books gave me a copy. I read it all at once, up to the 12th volume, Youth Period. It was very interesting. I thought this was a great drama in a fantasy world. I immediately thought that I wanted to make an anime out of it, so I contacted the editor-in-chief. So far, I have worked on anime adaptations of “Sword Art Online” and “Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?”.

What did you keep in mind when making the anime?

The original story is a very solid story, and it is as long as a major TV drama, so as a producer, I started by creating a production system that would allow me to visualize it as an animation. After much deliberation, I ended up building a new production studio for this work (laughs). I knew it would be a tough road, but actually, it was very difficult. Studio Bind producer Hisaya Otomo and director Manabu Okamoto assembled a solid staff, and the quality of the direction, drawing, art, and photography is a testament to the dedication of the staff.

What would you like to say to fans of the work?

I hope you can feel the enthusiasm and persistence of the staff in wanting to make a good work. They are very particular about every detail that I don’t notice. Every word, every line, and every colour is filled with the attention of the staff. While I want people to look at the details, the only thing that I can do is to let the viewers watch and enjoy the work. As I said before, this is a great drama in a fantasy world, although there is no special great action, tricks. The story centers around a scumbag man from a previous life and a slightly naive boy named Rudeus, and I hope you will enjoy watching them grow and develop as they explore the fantasy world.

Source: Mantan Web

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