Mushoku Tensei Removed From Chinese Streaming Platform

Mushoku Tensei has been removed from the bilibili streaming platform due to supposed “unspecified technical issues” but there is another version of the issue..

There is a rumour circulating on the social media that Mushoku Tensei was removed due to a controversy. A celebrity of the country made harsh comments on the series saying that successful people will not see Mushoku Tensei as they do not need to earn the satisfaction of seeing a l*ser. I am not interested in the growth of that garbage at all. It’s the type I don’t want to see at first sight, I need to know about his life?

Many of the celebrity followers took this very seriously and caused a massive stir by denouncing the series while the series fans also did not stay quite about this. To minimize this controversy, bilibili removed Mushoku Tensei from the platform.

A few hours ago the celebrity posted a post apologizing for his words and reflecting on it. Unfortunately we could not translate the message as it was in chinese language and Google translator did not give a good translation.

As of now all four episodes have been removed from the bilibili platform and the premiere for fifth episode was suspended until further notice.

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