My Hero Academia Chapter 403: Expectations and Release Date

My Hero Academia is set to conclude very soon, considering the manga is in its final story arc. The final arc has brought us the best fight of the series and multiple plot twists that left the readers on the edge of their seats every week.

My Hero Academia Chapter 403

Currently, the main focus of the series is the fight between the main villain, All For One, and the number one hero of Japan, All Might.

Both of them have been fighting for quite some time now, and chapter 402 of the series said goodbye to the fan-favorite villain, Hero-Killer Stain.

If you are wondering about the spoilers for My Hero Academia Chapter 403, they are set to be released on social media on October 11, 2023. There will be no My Hero Academia manga chapter this week. Here are the expectations for the next installment of My Hero Academia!

All Might’s Ultimatum (Will AFO Survive?)

The fight between AFO and All Might has taken a crazy turn. For most of the time, the battle’s outcome has been uncertain, and now tides are changing.

Chapter 402 left the fans on a cliffhanger, where All Might explodes his remaining Hercules armor on AFO’s neck while choking him.

All Might has been fighting All For One totally quirks. However, he crafted numerous mechanical prototypes of his students’ quirks that helped him throughout the fight.

All Might’s car, Hercules, has transformed into a mighty armor covering his whole body, except his signature smile.

However, All Might’s armor was soon stripped off from him by AFO, and he was beaten to death. But Nana’s hallucination gave him the motivation to get up and use the remaining part of his armor to blow up All For One’s neck.

All Might has a lesser chance of surviving than AFO, but considering AFO also received a flashback of Nana where she was telling him that he will die at the hands of Toshinori, this might be the end for him.

Shigaraki vs Midoriya (The Battle Continues)

The fight between Shigaraki and Midoriya was initiated long ago, and the manga did not focus that much on the fight. In the previous chapter, there was a slight focus on these two.

Although the focus was concise, it might be possible that Midoraya goes to save All Might as Shigaraki gave him a hint that he is about to die, and he should go and save him.

It would be considered a great moment of reunion between the student and his master.

If All Might die due to the explosion of his armor, this might cause Midoriya to face a significant setback, or he will go berserk after he hears about the death of his master.

All Might’s Death (Possible)

In My Hero Academia chapter 403, there is a slight chance for the showcase of All Might’s death from the massive explosion.

Although Nana hinted that All Might will beat All For One as he is much crazier than him, this can turn out to be deadly for All Might, too.

If All Might manage to survive that explosion, he will be the winner of the fight, as All For One body will rewind to a kindergartener.

My Hero Academia Chapter 403 is officially set to be released on October 15, 2023, and will reveal the statuses of All Might and All For One.

The upcoming chapters of the series will be available on the Manga Plus app as soon as they are released!

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