My Hero Academia Chapter 403 Spoilers & Raw Scans: Bakugo Returns

My Hero Academia is finally set to return this week after its short break, which felt like an eternity for the fans.

my hero academia chapter 403 spoilers

Leaving everyone on a grave cliffhanger, the series is finally making a grand return, and the spoilers for the next installment have surfaced on the internet!

A lot happened in the past weeks; All Might managed to one-up All For One, Hero Killer-Stain died at the hands of All For One, and Midoriya vs. Shigaraki is still heating up and garnered a lot of anticipation.

With the conclusion of chapter 402 of the series, All For One almost managed to get All Might out of his way with his criminal plans.

However, All Might called the remaining gauntlet of Hercules’s armor and exploded it on AFO’s neck.

The pace of the manga remains undeterred, and in this article, we will cover My Hero Academia chapter 403 spoilers that have surfaced on Social Media so far. All of these spoilers are a courtesy of @RukasuMHA on X/Twitter.

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My Hero Academia Chapter 403 Spoilers

According to the My Hero Academia chapter 403 raw scans and spoilers, the chapter will be titled “The End of an Era, And…” and is set to begin with an intense flashback of kid All Might.

Kid All Might can be seen reading a manga named ‘Anpanman’ with his mother and says that his childhood is pretty standard.

All Might always looked back and saw the path he chose to walk on was critical.

The focus then returns to the present, where AFO is laughing and saying that All Might would not be the one to make the call of his reason for death.

It is revealed that AFO managed to destroy the exploding gauntlet with his spikes before it could even explode and used Stain’s quirk to paralyze All Might in his place.

AFO knows how brutal heroes can be when injured severely, so he had to paralyze All Might.

With U.A. now able to float, Gentle wants to go and help All Might in his battle, but AFO shoots a laser at U.A. that forces Gentle to stay at the school.

The pilots also strive to help All Might and would not let him die, but AFO destroys them all before they can even reach their location.

Agpar has begun feeling hopeless. Tsukauchi and Deku have started to freak out by watching AFO carrying All Might in his arms.

The chapter shows how everyone is watching the battle; some are still rooting for All Might, and some have already lost hope.

Melissa and Gran Torino, admitted to the hospital, are watching their battle and have started crying as All Might has a desperate look on his face.

Deku is shocked and cannot think straight about what to do, and Tsukauchi starts to pray.

Instantly, an unexpected character makes his return. Bakugo is standing at U.A., covered in blood, barely holding up and holding All Might’s card.

Deku remembers when he and Bakugou were comparing their All Might cards.

The chapter ends with confirming Bakugou’s status after almost 100 chapters. No break next week!

My Hero Academia Chapter 403 will be released on October 15, 2023, and will be available for free on the Manga Plus App.

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